Essential Packing for an activity Holiday

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Whatever the kind of vacation – be it cruise holiday, beach holiday, activity holiday or adventure holiday, there’s always a list of essentials that we consider while packing our suitcase or a rucksack. We google and search for the must-have list and travel packing hacks. All of us do, no matter how many times we pack and go on holiday. Right? It’s no different when you are packing for an activity holiday. If you are going to be outdoors for the significant part of your activity holiday, it’s important to pack lighter and smarter. If you are planning for a multitude of adventure activities and sweat it out on summer, this post is for you. Here is a list of what is a must-have on your activity holiday.


Activity Holiday Packing List



Regardless of the type of holiday you are going on, there are a few items that you should always pack. Top of the list are swimshorts, and an elegant swimsuit.  They are not only light weight, but also do not consume much space on your luggage.


Basic Clothing

Clothes are one thing that occupies a lot of space in your baggage. Carrying clothes that can layer up will help save space. Consider choosing light breathable fabric like synthetic or cotton depending on the kind of activity holiday you are going.  A beach holiday means cotton. A holiday into the wilderness/camping means synthetic or even soft wool is a good choice. 2 wind and waterproof pant, (possibly that’s convertible into shorts), cotton shorts/pants, a couple of long and short sleeve t-Shirts or tank tops, 3 pairs of under wears, socks, bras, belt are essential. A microfiber towel is must. It is not only lightweight, but also dries up fairly quicker. Rolling up clothes, or using packing cubes saves ample space in your suitcase / rucksack.



There’s nothing like having comfortable footwear while you are on your holiday. If you are on a active holiday, its best to avoid flip flops and high heels. You can’t walk on uneven surface or for long hours on any of these.  So please leave them home. Instead a walking shoes or hiking sandals fits well for any kind of activity holiday.


Weather protection

If you choose activity holiday, it’s implied that you will be spending a lot of time on outdoors; hence it’s important to research about the weather conditions in the destination you choose. There are some common things that are vital and suit all kind of weather conditions like sun block, sun glasses, hat, and scarves. A fleece jacket, poncho and wind proof jacket will come handy if you are likely to be cold and wet. It is also important to carry insect repellent with you. Being badly bitten is the last thing you need on an activity holiday.

Cleaning essentials / accessories

This is the easiest part of packing (according to me!) and one that saves a lot of space. Ziplock bags are the best for packing toiletries.  All you need is a toothpaste, toothbrush, soap/bodywash, shaving kit, perfume/deo spray, wet wipes and comb. Basic travel detergent or laundry cleaner can come a long way to wash dirty clothes and re-use them.  If you want to be kind to your skin, a small tub of moisturiser or coconut oil helps. Additional items can be kajal/eyeliner, mascara and lipstick.


Specialist gears

Depending on the nature of your activity, you may also have to take some specialist gears with you. It could be a yoga mat, camping kit, scuba diving gear, wet suit, surf boards or binocular. Mostly these gears are available for hire, although it depends entirely on the kind of activity, and how busy tourism is.  If you are doing a group activity in the form of tour, always double check what is included in the price of each activity, and reserve the items you will need. Travel and activity forums are particularly good sources of impartial information. If you plan to take your own equipment, double check what the rules are about taking them on the plane, or another form of transport you are planning to use.

Travel Documents

Passport, currency, bank cards, boarding pass, ticket, driving licence apart, make sure that you buy good-quality insurance that covers you for the activities you are planning to enjoy. Keep a note of the insurance details on your phone. Hopefully, you will not need it, but should you have an accident, having the details in hand will help to speed up the process.


A simple first aid kit

A basic first aid kit is always essential, and something cannot be missed. Exactly what you should include will vary depending on where you are going and the activities you are planning to take part in. This article contains particularly good guidance about what to include in your first aid kit. It takes into account the climate and conditions in various parts of the world.

Electronic Devices

A good smart phone enhances your overall travel experience.  Be it doing a quick information or location search, or language translation, there’s app for pretty much everything. Camera or GoPro (or underwater camera), plug adapters, chargers for mobile and camera, headphones are some of the electronic gears you will need. A sturdy tripod is required if you are keen on taking photography.

Other bits and bobs

There are some things that can never be categorised, but still they form an integral part of packing ritual, no matter what kind of holiday you go for. They come really handy you-know-when-it-happens. Pocket sewing kit and a small tube of fabric glue come very handy if you encounter any slit on the clothes, or if your jacket gets torn. LED torch and Swiss Army knife will come handy on many occasions too. A good book is your good friend while travelling, especially outdoors.  There’s nothing like snuggling with a good book at the end of the day after a tiresome day. It’s always a good choice to carry an empty water bottle so you can fill them up as and when required, instead of buying bottled water.

So, are you going on an active holiday? What is in your suitcase/ rucksack?


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