Photo Of The Week: Zaton Mali, Croatia

Croatia, in the modern times, is often synonymous to Game of Thrones and Dubrovnik.  But there are pristine locations like Zaton Mali only stones throw from the touristy capital of Croatia.  There are islands and small villages that are not only less expensive to stay, but also enriches the experience of travellers and are away from the crazy tourist crowds of Dubrovnik city.

Zaton Mali is one such perfect destination situated 8km north of Dubrovnik along the bay, only 20 minutes by bus from Dubrovnik. Beautiful scenery, pristine beach and thick pine woods around makes it a great choice for travellers. There are ample water sports opportunity in Zaton Mali, and beautiful apartments and Airbnb options around here. Zaton Mali is truly a best kept secret around Dubrovnik region.

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