5 strange countries that are off tourist radar, but worth adding to the bucket list!

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Travellers and tourists usually create their itineraries to the most famous countries. They often neglect the countries that are strange and that are off tourist radar. In this huge world, there are such least visited countries, yet they have all the attributes and characteristics of a popular country. Honestly, there shouldn’t be a reason not to visit these not-so-famous countries. A visit to these strange least visited countries will not only have make you a great storyteller, but also gives you plenty of memories to come back with and makes a person so humble to have seen these countries.

Here are just some of the strange countries that will tempt you to book the tickets and visit them right away no matter what, or atleast to add to your bucket list!



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Armenia is a country wrapped with history and surreal landscapes. So much that there’s even a supposed piece of Noah’s Ark that can be viewed in one of Armenia’s museums, as echoed by the Secret Traveller. As such, it’s in Armenia you’ll discover the importance of tradition, what with chess being taught compulsively in schools and Christian values being everlasting.

Consider visiting the the country’s capital Yeravan. It’s known for its pinkish hues in its architecture that attracts the tourists.   Did you know that buildings in Yeravan are  crafted out of volcanic rock? This ‘Pink City’ is where you’ll be able to mingle with the laid back Armenians sipping wine at bars late whilst enjoying a night life.



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Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world. Surprisingly enough, there are landscapes that are jaw dropping and contrasting to each other. From barren land to impressive Sharyn canyons, to gorgeous Kazakh Steppe grasslands and modern architectures of Astana, Kazakhstan is sure to surprise you in many ways. Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan glimmering in the middle of nowhere like a needle in a haystack. Its majestic architecture stands out both for its glaring design and the fact it’s surrounded by nothingness. It’s in Kazakhstan you’ll also be able to witness some rather eccentric national traditions – take buzkashi, the country’s most popular sport. Players will challenge each other on horseback to get control of the ball, except the ball is actually the head of a dead goat.


Principality of Sealand

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Honestly, this was the strangest country for us, until we heard about it very recently. It’s disputed whether this is even its own country at all. But Sealand has its own passports, currency and even a royal family. Sealand, a micronation is actually an offshore platform situated in the North Sea, approximately 7 miles off the coast of Suffolk, England.It was founded in 1967 by Major Paddy Roy Bates, looking to broadcast a pirate radio station from the platform due to the fact it lies outside British territorial limits. There have been attempts from all countries to try and seize the platform but Bates’ family have kept control of it, with Michael Bates now being the Prince of Sealand.


North Korea

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You may think “Why North Korea”.But one can actually be able to visit North Korea despite its heavy guarding and surveillance. Of course, the visits will be monitored intensely and you’ll only get to see what the government wants you to see. But it’s worth the trip just to see the unexplored natural beauty amidst  how overly regulated the country is. There’s no right to religion, freedom of press or free movement in North Korea. A visit to North Korea will not be the kind of normal holiday you look for – it is challenging, emotionally exhausting to know the history, but definitely doable.  For more breathtaking experiences, visit Mount Kumgang, a scenic mountain region or visit one of the many mountain peaks that North Korea boasts of.



Niue, also known as Rock of Polynesia is an Island Country in the South Pacific ocean.  This quiet island is rarely visited by tourists. This least popular country has overwhelming natural beauty that is waiting to be explored. Want to know some unknown strange facts about Niue? The country’s currency is adorned by characters from Disney and Pokemon. And in 2003, Niue became the first country to provide Wi-Fi all through the island. Niue is also one of the largest coral islands. Main attractions inlcude Coral chasms, beautiful coastlines (hey dolphins!), hidden caverns, limestone arches and a huge pristine tropical rainforest.

There’s only around 1,500 people living in Niue meaning the feel of community is evident wherever you are. But that also means it isn’t very developed – not that you’ll worry, as the majority of Niue’s appeal comes from its nature.


Would you add these countries to your bucket list? What other strange countries have you visited?

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