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Why do we need a Travel App like GPSMyCity?

In this fast paced world, technology is our good friend. Travel Apps are one among those. These modern travellers companion help them explore the world paperless, hassle free and without any struggle to find the tourist attractions. No matter what kind of traveller you are – solo, couple, family, a good travel app is a life saver. Travelling with such apps makes the whole experience less chaotic and stress free.  Most often than not, we’ve used travel maps for commuting in other countries outside of UK and have always felt something missing on all of them.  While some app provided articles on interesting attractions and a good map, at some-point in our travel, we had to let go of the app or had to rush to a coffee shop in search of a wi-fi to access the map. This is where GPSMyCity  Travel App comes in!

Downside of walking tours/ bus tours

We both love exploring big cities on foot than anything else and have booked a few good walking tours, but not many bus tours. Although walking tours are good and informative, the tourist guides are rather too fast – at speech and at walk!  Even before you digest the multitude of information the guide provides, the tour guides provide you with photo ops that only last for split seconds . Forget about looking at the place and enjoying the magnificent art work or the breathtaking view!  And before you realize, you have half a dozen of photos with partial or blurred views of famous monument and square that only goes to the recycle bin after you come back home. Same goes with bus tours.  Don’t even get me started with how a night walking tour is! You only get ghost images.

Exploring the city on your own can be frustrating if you do not have a good map

As a couple, our travelling style is slow, and if it’s a city. We take our own sweet time to explore the city, use public transport,  getting lost in the unknown streets, walking the unexplored corners, relaxing in the busy squares watching people and taking a sip in quaint cafes.  If you’ve read our articles, you sure would have known that by now.  While we enjoy doing this and love being lost in an unknown city where you don’t even know the local language, there are times it gets frustrating on how to get to an attraction. You had to ask a multiple people who don’t understand you, or scratch your head to decode the location in the good old paper map   So “Yes, Please” , we always need good map!


What is GPSMyCity

In this world of technology, one can gather information from diverse sources. However if you want to maximise a given situation, you need to use efficient tools.  It holds true while travelling – especially if it’s a short trip, or when travelling with children. While it is difficult to plan ahead the whole trip, investing in some powerful tools help travellers immensely.  One such tool is GPSMyCity Travel App.  Before I delve into how gorgeous this app is, let me explain what this is all about.  As a Travel App, GPSMyCity provides its users with comprehensive city maps, travel articles,GPS and self guided walking tours that can be accessed offline.  This means, no need to buy travel guides or book a walking tour or bus tour.  You can explore the city at your own pace with your foot without anyone’s intervention.

How to Use the App

It’s as simple as any other app.  You can download MyGPSCity through iPhone/iPad or Android, and its absolutely free.  There is no registration or sign in, and you can directly access their innumerable travel articles and free giveaways on city maps.  You can download the article and access them offline, practically from anywhere without an internet.  While the articles are free, an upgrade is required to access the GPS, and it’s £1.99 per article. Not that expensive considering how much time you save, how well you can explore the city on your own, and not having to spend money on the bus tours or book guides. Isn’t it such a god-sent app for travellers like us?

Features of GPSMyCity App

Access to interesting travel articles:  Who doesn’t love travel articles?  You can access the articles about interesting places, travel gears and travel related products from anywhere. edinburgh-gpsmycity

Navigation and maps made simple: Fiddling through an A3 size printed map, and arguing with your partner about direction is a common scenario that every single traveler face today. GPSMyCity app lets you choose your destination, and the GPS will navigate you to the attraction, without any mess. With HD quality maps, the precise directions and prompt turn announcements helps you reach your destined attraction rather faster.

Self-Guided Walking Tours: Going (read running!) behind someone who walks (on a race) 100 meters away shouting loudly about the beauty of the city or an architectural marvel is no fun.  You hardly get to hear anything. And nothing else can compare the satisfaction of exploring the city at your own pace.  The app has 6000 self guided walks across 750 cities around the world covering famous attractions to best kept secrets.

Now with Audio: A recent feature, the users can now have the articles read out loud to them using their new audio function. You don’t have to keep stalking your smart phone every now and then. You can listen to the audio while keeping your eyes busy with plenty of things to see around. Also this feature comes handy when its super sunny, and you can hardly see the text on your mobile.

Custom Walks: Yet another new feature, this is going to be my favorite one. There are times you don’t want to see the attractions listed out by Trip Advisor or Lonely Planet – atleast not all of them. You can do your homework, and create your own itinerary of walking tour. How nice could that be!

Works Offline: On top of all the above features, you get to enjoy this app offline and still be able to navigate through a new city like a pro.

App Giveaway

GPSMyCity is one of the powerful app for travelling in this smart phone era. And they are constantly upgrading the features to suit the travellers and make travelling lot easier. Some of my travel articles are also featured in their website that can be downloaded on to your device.

Strasbourg – A perfect French and German fusion (Giveaway)
Everything is nice in Nice (Giveaway)
Tromso, an Arctic Gateway at 69 Degrees North

As an introductory promotion, we are giving away Strasbourg and Nice article app (link above) for one week.  This means, you can download this app, and the relevant map and use them offline. Anyone travelling to Strasbourg or doing a road trip in wine country Alsace, can stop over in Strasbourg and can make use of the app.

What are you waiting for? Download, and explore the city stress-free.

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