A peek through East London’s Street Art

We’ve written a lot about London and why we love visiting the city often.  The diversity and buzz are the key factors for us.  And for the same reason, there is always plenty of things to do in London, and one can never get bored.  Last year, we decided to take a tour around East London, which is also synonymous to open art gallery, and a place for thriving and successful graffiti artists.


Every street along Brick Lane and Shoredich is a kalaedoscope of art work by the artists.  You can choose to see them all by yourself, but there are organisations who run walking tours who not only know the locations and lanes of the hidden street art, but also can tell you stories behind each creation and artist. Each of these spaces are allocated to specific graffiti artist.  Most importantly, the face of these streets are ever changing – the art you see today might be gone tomorrow.  The artists sometimes keep the painting for weeks, but it might be gone next day as well with another beautiful creative.

We are presenting to you some of the most beautiful art work from our collections.

Street Art East London





Grafitti art

We’ve also put together a little video to show more of the street art work by the local artists.  Enjoy!  

Did you enjoy the graffiti art? Where else have you seen the gorgeous graffiti street art.  Share your experience in comments. 

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