Photo Of The Week: Life of an hardworking Indian Woman

Photo of the Week
This beautiful lady is a sole bread winner in her family, working hard day in and day out to be able to educate her children.  She sells Indian street food in one of the longest beach in India, Marina beach, in Chennai.  All the green ones that you see in the picture are the large green chillis.  She makes Bajji with variety of vegetables like green chilli, Plantain, Cauliflower, Potato &  Onion. Slice a vegetable of your choice, and it’s washed and dipped in a batter of gram flour and deep fried in oil.  It’s not the healthiest of the foods, but definitely one of the tastiest.  Beaches in Chennai are very famous for this food, especially Marina, which has about 100 such Bajji shops dotted around the shore. 

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  1. It's tasty, but they should use less oil, or drain the oil before giving it to the customers. Nowadays, I prefer to eat sundal, manga, fruit salad, boiled peanuts and other healthier options in beach.

    Destination Infinity

  2. The minute I saw the photo, I knew it must be from Chennai! Lovely picture and have to agree those bhajjis are delicious!

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