Aira Force, a magnificent waterfall in the Ullswater valley in Lake District

Lake District in itself is a piece of haven dotted with placid lakes and rolling hills that no wonder it inspired and churned the best out of the poets. Ullswater lake and its valley is one such picturesque place in Lake District and relatively less touristy than its counterpart Windermere.  The unspoilt scenery and less crowd gives it a serene feel. 

Aira Force Waterfall is nestled in the Ullswater valley and is a single drop waterfall at 67 ft high. The easiest way to reach the waterfalls is through the Aira Force Car Park, although I must warn you about the extremely high parking fees.  Alternatively, you can park the car a few miles away in the road side parking and walk all the way.  

There are three walking paths (circular route) starting from the car park, and all of it leads to the waterfall.  As you walk into the woodland, under the canopy of trees, amidst gorges, you witness one of the best waterfalls in UK.  And you’ll understand why this waterfall has inspired many poets for more than 200 years. The trees in the forest area are the coniferous, some of which were planted in 1800s forming the tallest trees in Cumbria. 
There are bridges which serve as a viewing platform both at the top and bottom of the waterfall.  If you walk further up the waterfall, you will see another wider cascading waterfall too. 

Aira Force Waterfall Walk 2

Aira Force Waterfall Walk 6

Aira Force Waterfall Walk 3
Aira Force Waterfall, Lake District
Aira Force Waterfall Walk 5
Aira Force Waterfall Walk 7
Aira Force Waterfall Walk 9

Practical Information:
1.  The nearest town is a couple of miles in Pooley Bridge.  There are car parks available if you choose to walk from the town. 
2. The walk is not steep, but there are steps and depending on the direction you want to walk, you might have to climb up or go down the steps.
3. Use proper walking shoes, and if required carry a rain jacket.  
4. Carry sufficient water and snacks (may be!)
5. Carry a tripod should you wish to capture the water flow. 
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  1. This is such a green and refreshing place. The waterfall looks so beautiful. Nicely clicked pictures!

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  3. Beautiful place. Is there anything nice to stay nearby?

  4. Amazing pictures 🙂

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  6. Well captured beauty of the waterfalls.

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