Photo Of The Week: Barbary Macaques in Gibraltar

Gibraltar Barbary Macaques
Barbary Macaqes are the only thriving wild monkey population in European Continent and can be seen only in Gibraltar (apart from Africa).  At present, the the upper rock of Gibraltar which forms part of Natural Reserve is home to about 230 such species.  These monkeys are popular and are often considered as a top tourist attraction in Gibraltar. Especially in the areas of Ape’s Den in Queen’s Gate where people get to see them in close quarters. The monkeys will approach humans for interaction and sometimes climb up on people too.  They are also one of the best known old world monkeys.  You can never miss seeing them if you are travelling in Gibraltar. 

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  1. I must admit, I am pretty scared of monkeys! You managed to take such a close-up of this rowdy creature! 😉

    • I was equally scared when I saw them getting on top of people's shoulders. But if we remain calm, they are good to handle. I have plenty of pictures of them.

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