Photo Essay: A day in Dyrehaven (Deer Park)

At the end of summer last year when we were exploring Denmark, we visited Jaegersborg Dyrehaven (Deer Park), a huge forest park covering around 11 from north of Copenhagen to Skodsborg.  The autumn had already begun then and golden hues was exploding everywhere overtaking the greenery.

The walking route started from Kurhotel Skodsborg along the shore for a mile until we took right to get into the forest park area that was marked with a red wooden gate, one of the 15 identical entrances around the forest park.

Dyrehaven Forest Park Skodsborg
Denmark Landscape Dyrehaven Deer park

Hermitage Palace
After walking for about 30-40 minutes, the very first thing we saw was this beautiful building – Hermitage Palace. The palace was once a hunting ground for royals, and since then been an important place where royals meet other officials for lunches, or public gatherings for over 350 years.

Hermitage Hunting Lodge Dyrehave

Castle inside Dyrehaven
Dyrehaven Castle

Spotting the Red and Fallow Deer

Just as we went past the palace, we spotted hundreds of red and fallow deers gazing the far off field. A couple of kids tried to go near them, and they started to disperse in different directions.  We slowly went towards them, stood at a good distance without disturbing the herd and took some photos.

Deers Dyrehaven

Dyrehaven Deer Park

Herd of Deers in Dyrehavn

Dyrehaven Red and Fallow Deers Park

Lakes and Countryside
We spotted many beautiful lakes shimmering in the sun,  while ducks and swans taking a bath and enjoying their swim.  The places surrounding the lakes were depicted with quietness, with only bees, birds and ducks making their usual noises. Some people laid their bikes on the ground, and slept under the open sun, whilst some others enjoyed the moment of loneliness with a book. 

Denmark Landscape Dyrehaven deer park

Denmark Countryside Dyrehaven

Plenty of Outdoor Activities
Having a park vast open like this means there’s ample  opportunities for outdoor activities. And the fact Denmark being a flat country makes it a perfect choice for cycling and walking.  But not restricted to people enjoying the horse ride, boating, and even golf.

Danish Countryside Scene 2

Denmark Landscape 1

Denmark Countryside 2

Autumn in Denmark 2

Denmark being a flat country makes it an ideal choice for walking and cycling, and to see sheer vastness of nature with just trees and open fields, it felt really refreshing.

The park is also home to Dyrehavesbakken, world’s oldest operating amusement park and it is the 2nd most popular attractions in Denmark (after Tivoli Gardens).

Dyrehaven park is not too far away from Copenhagen, but it gives you a whole new perspective of Danish countryside, a bit of escape from the quirky Copenhagen and a chance to embrace nature.   Here’s a little video we made for you to enjoy this haven.

Have you been to Dyrehaven? Or spotted deer in a open environment? 

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