Wandering through the charming fishing village of Dragor, near Copenhagen

Dragor is a well preserved fishing village located along the photogenic Amager coast, just about 13 kms away from Copenhagen. You cannot ask for a better place to escape the buzz of Copenhagen, and this must be the one of the most villages in Denmark that is easily accessible from Copenhagen. 


The charming yellow painted cottages and
houses, cobbled maze like streets, with sea by its side, Dragor is nothing
short of picture perfect village.  The village is home to about 14000

Dragor’s history dates back to 12th century when this village was founded, and established as a fishing port.  In early 16th century, the then king invited a bunch of Dutch farmers to settle down in the nearby town Store Magledy to help Danish people.  This is probably why, the region still has many Dutch ancestry.  
Dragor 1

It’s maze like streets lead you to the sea and promenade where you can see Oresund Bridge and Sweden coast. Just around the promenade is Dragor Fort, a 1910 fortification which is now a very famous tourist attraction in Dragor.  The views of both the village and of the city and bridge is just breath taking.  

The above 2 pictures show Oresund bridge that connects Denmark’s Copenhagen & Sweden’s Malmo via road. You can see Swedish land on the other side.

Dragor’s rustic atmosphere has attracted many tourists all over the world. People go here to take a stroll among the pretty houses, or simple soak in the culture and local events.  

Practical Information:

1. Bus 350 takes you directly to this village from Copenhagen city centre. The bus journey takes about 45 minutes. Alternatively, it’s only 10 minutes from Copenhagen Airport.

2. You can even bike from Copenhagen to Dragor

3. Spend 3-4 hours wandering around the streets, visiting the promenade, and soak in the history.

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  1. So charming! I often read about such fishing villages…but hearing about them from bloggers is different – it's like a fresh and honest take on these places and not the guidebook kind of description.

    • They are charming, and these fishing villages and their landscape differ in every country. Like it's not like this in UK or France. Such is the charm I guess!

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