The River House, Isle of Man

Arguably one of the best Bed and Breakfast we have ever stayed, The River House is located in the quaint side of Ramsey in Isle of Man, surrounded by three acres of greenery and open space.   The house was originally built in 1820 and have been completely renovated to modern times without disturbing the old charm.   

Entrance View
The entrance view from our room

The rooms are bright, beautifully decorated and well ventilated. Most of the bed and breakfasts have compact rooms, but the rooms in The River House are massive and super spacious. The curtain and bed linens are very tastefully chosen to match the wall colour. 

The rooms are equipped with a couple of chairs, tables and drawers, TV, huge wardrobe, dressing table.  The bathrooms are spacious too, with a bath tub attached to the mirrored walls, decorated with conch and shells and a shower room.

The River House Ramsey Man
The River House Ramsey Man 2

The furniture and curtain drapes gave an elegant touch in the living room, and each of the chandeliers, lamps, wall hangings were very attractive and antique.

Lights Living Room The River House Isle of Man

The kitchen itself is very huge, and the breakfast area is along the open garden overlooking the river.  We got served a lovely tea on the afternoon along with fresh bake and some chocolates in a vintage cups and silverware.

Garden View The River House Isle of Man
Garden view from our room

Right next to the house is River Sulby, longest flowing river in the island. And as the tide is high, the water level grows, and ducks and swans come around to take a wee break in their garden. And as the tide goes low, they just follow the stream and go back.  It was beautiful to watch them over from our room. 

Snaefell view
View of Snaefell mountains and River Sulby (during low tide) from our room

We sneaked in the garden area on the night of our stay to see the dark sky and full moon and it was absolutely gorgeous.  We couldn’t capture the moon so well, but took a quick capture of Snaefell mountains and cloudy sky with some stars.

Snaefell Mountains night view

Snaefell Mountains at night

Edward and Adrian are such sweet hosts, they took complete care of our needs, showed us around their house and cooked us great veggie breakfasts.  They have wealth of information about local eat outs and places to see, and made great suggestions for our dinner.  They even showed us the whole house and “it looked beautiful” would be an understatement. See for yourself.

The River House IOM

We had absolutely fantastic time staying in The River House in Isle of Man, and am I allowed to say, that a little piece of my heart didn’t want to leave.  Such a beautiful place it was, we felt home. Are you planning your visit to Isle of Man? You just know the best place you can stay in! 


We were guests at The River House. We were not compensated or asked to write a positive review. As always, all the opinions are our own.

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  1. This is my dream stay. I have never stayed in B&B. Hope I will soon. Stunning captures, Anu.

  2. I've always wanted to visit the Isle of Man! Looks like a great spot to explore the island from too, love the views from the room!

    • Isle of Man is absolutely gorgeous place, and Ramsey is a perfect place to base yourself to explore the isle. Douglas is the main town, but it's kinda touristy!

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