Photo Of The Week: Rural Scenes from Dubai

UAE rural life

Risen from a desert clad land to a land of concrete monuments, Dubai and it’s surrounding emirates fascinated us to a great extent.  Beyond these cities’ unsurpassed sky-scrappers, there’s a rural life and scenes that we could only image to have happened 50-60 years ago.  The above picture is one such moment where time stood still and took us back to years.  
Few miles just outside buzzling Dubai city on the Al-Ain road is the Lisaili Camel Market that apparently sells interesting camel related accessories, and it also happens to be the place to buy and sell camels. While we did not actually see the market when the sales were happening, but spotted many camel owners riding their camels (new or old) back home after the market session was over.  
I am sure there are many cities where rural scenes like this co-exist with a Cosmopolitan city such as Dubai.  Where have you seen and experienced them?

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  1. Beautiful rural photos… only seeing sand except green


  2. I love to go to such places which tell us so much about the reality.. totally down to earth and simple life.

    P.S. Why don't you enable Name/URL option for commenting? Lack of it hinders commenting for many people like us.

    • Exactly Nisha. I never imagined a scene like this even in my wildest dreams.
      I've changed the comment setting. Didn't know it was causing such a hastle for people. Thanks for spotting it!

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