Kayaking the Eastern Mangrove forests of Abu Dhabi

You know how much we love the word off-beat and best kept secrets?  We are a little bit obsessed with them.  Because we don’t like “been there, done that” kind of activities.  Or we have surpassed that stage.  So, when we get 
opportunity to explore these hidden gems, we jump into them with joy. Kayaking around the eastern mangrove forest reserve in Abu Dhabi was one such experience. 

Crystal clear waters in a hidden beach

With so much to look forward to, we were eagerly waiting at the eastern mangrove shores in Abu Dhabi to start our Kayaking tour with Noukhada Adventure Company.  Got onto the life jacket and very eager to get into the colorful kayaks.  What we saw and experienced in the next 2 hours was outstanding, and something one can not imagine it to be in Abu Dhabi.  

Noukhada Adventure company
We passed through the shallow tidal waters surrounded with mangrove trees, far far away from the concrete land and that transported us to a completely contrast place.  We savored our kayaking journey as we spotted crabs, and occasional birds around.  
Abhu Dhabi Kayaking
Kayaking for about an hour or so, the tide was low, and we couldn’t go further into the mangrove forest.  So we detoured a bit and stopped over a hidden beach amidst these mangroves.  We think it’s the best beach and most calmest place we’ve ever seen – So tranquil and beautiful, a place to take a big breathe, meditate, to unwind things, relish life at the lap of nature, and what not.  
Serene hidden beach Abu Dhabi

Mangrove Forest Kayaking AbuDhabi

Hidden Beach Abu Dhabi

Noukhada is one of the adventure company that try to promote and develop eco-tourism for Abu Dhabi in specific, and UAE as a whole all while providing Kayaking, Stand up Paddle,  windsurfing and many more.  We totally recommend using their tours if you want to travel responsibility with a dash of adventure. 

We can close our eyes and pick this among all the other activities we’ve experienced in UAE as one of the best off-beat activities.  

Have you kayaked around the mangrove forest in Abu Dhabi before?  Is this your kind of adventure?  

Thanks to Noukhada Adventure Company for sponsoring the Kayaking tour. We were not compensated or asked to write a positive review. As always, all the opinions are our own. 

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