A night under the sky of million stars

It’s no news that UAE is blessed with vast expanse of Arabian Desert. We abandoned the concrete city of Dubai, and decided to spend our evening in the desert and camp under the canopy of million stars. And it turned out to be the most unforgettable experiences ever!

We drove approx 90 minutes from Sharjah in the direction of Ras Al Khaimmah before we took glimpse of rolling red sand dunes shimmering in the sun light. With a bit of twists and turns, reached Bedouin Oasis campsite as sun was setting down the horizon. Bedouin Oasis is located in the Ras Al Khaimmah’s Banyan Tree Al Wadi.

Desert Safari
Desert Sunset

We saw pre-erected tents lined up on both the sides and further away were the authentic Bedouin style tents covering up rest of the campsite. Inspired by the lifestyle of the nomadic tribes Bedous, these tents were made of traditional and natural materials and lets oneself to discover the ancient desert lifestyle. Already impressed with the debonair of the campsite, we decided to climb the little mound to get Coup d’oeil of the campsite.  As the dusk was falling, the whole desert turned perhaps into an oasis.
Campsite view

Desert scenes

We decided to get a dash of adventure in the desert and tried sand boarding. What seemed initially difficult, later became more enjoyable and fun.  We didn’t master it, but managed to do few slides. Then we settled in one of the cosy corners of the table in the centre of the camp as we sipped our tea.

Activities Bedouin Oasis Desert Camping
That beautiful evening passed by as we had conversations with other people and waited to watch belly dancing.  We settled in a comfortable corner sipping the Arabic coffee, we saw the belly dancer shake off her hip to the peppy Arabic music effortlessly and with sheer elegance. In no time, all of us were wiggling our hips to the music along with the dancer.

Desert Camping Live Cooking Demonstrations

The dance fun was followed by a home cooked food that included salads, Arabic bread, BBQ kebabs, curry/dhal and fried rice.  After the bountiful dinner, we settled in near the campfire with another cuppa while some of them tried shisha smoking.  Hours went by and the darkness overtook the sky, we were still chatting with others and having conversation about the countries we come from and travel in general.  It’s a nice feeling to talk with people who share same interest.

Night Sky

The chillness was creeping in at 10pm when we noticed the stars brimming brightly and taking over the dark sky.  A few more hours of chat later we decided to go to our tent to sleep.  The tent was equipped with 2 separate beds, sheets, fleece blankets, water bottles and a LED light.  December in UAE is cold, and being in desert, we felt very cold, but as we snuggled into our blankets, we felt cosy and warm in minutes.

Desert Camping Night Sky

Even with our eyes feeling super sleepy, the eye lids deny to close as we stood staring at the millions of stars twinkling in the sky, under the canopy.  Such is the magic of these nocturnal skies.

Desert Sunrise Star Gazing

This picture was taken around 4 or 5 am when the sun was still below the horizon waiting to rise. Ain’t that wonderful?  Having starry dreams, we both dozed off to get a few more hours sleep.

Morning sun from the tent
Sun rays knocked our tent directly at 7am. We got up and refreshed ourselves. Talking about the facilities of the toilet, you might wonder how the standards of the toilets were.  They were good with flushes (yes! inside a desert).  The simple breakfast was already awaiting us at one of the Bedouin tents that consisted of breads, cereals and spreads.  We finished our breakfast and had plenty of time before we leave the oasis.  Hence decided to click some pictures of this arid landscape.

ras al khaimmah desert camping

campsite alternate view
camping ras al khaimmah

Being in a desert, and not having camel safari?  You know we wouldn’t let go of such opportunities.  We took a short camel ride around the campsite.

Camel in the campsite

us camel and desert

Camping in the desert should definitely be in your itinerary if you are travelling to UAE and it will remain as one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life time.

Desert Camping Ras Al Khaimmah

So why choose Bedouin Oasis?
The tents are pre-erected, and you need not worry about the pegs or assembling a tent.  There are beds and sheets provided already, so you needn’t worry about bringing your sleeping bags either.  There are loads of entertainment factor along with dinner and breakfast. There is mobile reception in the middle of this desert.  Clean bathrooms are available.  What else would you need?  It’s a complete oasis retreat.

Practical Information:

–> Desert Camping season is from Mid October through mid April when the temperate is cool in UAE.

–> It gets pretty cold in the night.  Carry warm clothes or jumper with you.  

–> Although there are toilet papers, during crowded days, they may be in demand.  Best to carry a roll of toilet paper with you. 

Have you slept under the stars or camped in a desert before?  

Thanks to ArabianIncentive for sponsoring us Bedouin Oasis Overnight Desert Camping. We were not compensated or asked to write a positive review. As always, all the opinions are our own. 

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  1. What an amazing experience! I would love to do this. Your photos are stunning!

  2. This is really amazing, I especially love the sky full of stars!!!

  3. This looks so fun! I don't think I've ever seen of sky as full of stars. I guess that's the downside of city livin!

    • Exactly Beth. There's so much light pollution in the city, and clouds all over, we don't see stars quite often. That's why we were uber excited when we slept under these stars!

  4. This looks incredible! I can't wait to one day experience nights like that: under the stars- just me and the desert

  5. Great experience in desert

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