Photo Essay: Oban town, Gateway to the Isles

Often considered as Seafood capital of Scotland and Gateway to the Western Isles, there’s this little town in Argyle and Bute region which is famous & touristy.  I am talking about Oban. 

You name it, Oban has it!!  Quaint streets – tick; fabulous curvy coastline – tick; fish & chips & restaurants – double tick; postcard perfect – tick tick tick!!  

Smear around some classic castles and lovely lochs, Oban is a complete package wrapped with great things to do.   The bay is near to perfect horseshoe, there are houses that sit on the hill, castles that adore the coastline. I’ll better stop here, and let the pictures talk for me!  

caught between houses Oban bayView of harbour from our hotel room
There are plenty of hotels lined up along the horseshoe look alike bay, and B&Bs around.  We stayed in Oban Bay Hotel, and this is the view from the entrance of the hotel.
Beautiful Oban

Oban is quite a big town to explore, but the best way to see them is by walk.  The harbour area is usually busy with ferries and boats around, and makes a great place for people watching.


  Oban is surrounded by beautiful hilltops too.

Oban Bay Sunset

Head towards McCaig’s Tower, a Colosseum look-alike tower and a prominent landmark in Oban for panoramic views of the Oban. 

The silent blue hour in Oban Bay
Blue Oban

Oban at Night
The buzzling harbour of Oban 

Oban from Ferry

Alternate view of Oban taken from the ferry while we were enroute to Isle of Mull.  With quaint streets to walk by, great promenade to take a stroll or sit back and enjoy the view, restaurants lined up around, a tower that provides breathtaking panoramic view, Oban makes a fantastic gateway to explore Western Scotland, Inner and Outer Hebrides.  Whether you are here to island hop, hike around, or spend a relaxing weekend, Oban is a perfect place.  
Would you like to spend a relaxing weekend in a place such as this? 

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  1. I would like to spend the entire week at a place like this! Such beautiful shots!

  2. Excellent pics. But why are all your pics in landscape? Some of them can be in portrait too, no?

    Destination Infinity

  3. Lovely photos. Looks a fabulous place to visit. There's nothing I like better than quaint streets and fish n chips! 🙂

  4. Postcard perfect — right, right, right.
    Beautifully captured, guys. 🙂

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