Kayaking through Copenhagen canals, a great way to do city sightseeing!

Certain things should be experienced in a certain way in certain cities. It holds true for Copenhagen. For a city as beautiful as this, with good network of canals spread across major tourist attractions, you ought to see and experience them from water. What better way than kayaking in the canals. 
There’s nothing as satisfactory as indulging yourself in an active adventure and seeing the city attractions simultaneously. No need to rush through seeing the attractions, a nice way of enjoying the lovely perspective of the architecture and the vibe of the city – all at your own sweet time. 
Not every city offers such a unique architectural blend of canals housed with gorgeous buildings on both sides. If the city does (just like in Amsterdam and Venice), then there’s no second thought, but you got to see them from the water. We can’t do that in Edinburgh or Rome, can we? 
Kayaking is certainly one of the popular, and in our opinion, the best way to see Copenhagen. Which is why there are many tour operators that run these kind of tours. 
We took the 3 hour kayaking tour with Kajakole tours and it certainly was the highlight of our trip. Although we’ve never kayaked for continuous 3 hours ( we struggled a bit after 2 hours), it seemed like we’ve seen the best of Copenhagen. 
We passed through various main attractions and the busy channels that had the regular boat trips. It was fun to wave hands with other tourists from the big boat, or smile at the other kayaking crowd. 
Here’s the route that we followed during the Kayaking Tour: 

 Strandgade  –>  Christianshavn  –>  Holmen –> Gammel Strand  –>  Christianshavn

Kayaking Copenhagen 1
Copenhagen Opera House

The tour captured the daily life and buildings that are part of Copenhagen. Located in Holmen island, the above picture is Copenhagen House Opera.  This is among one of the most modern opera houses, and the most expensive among the world.   We passed through this stark building which was once a Torpedo boat hall and is now converted into modern apartment.
Knippels bridge
Knippel Bridge (Knippelsbro in Danish) is one of the huge bridges you will come across in Copenhagen and it connects to Christianshavn.  
Kayaking Copenhagen 1
These are the gorgeous Canon boat houses in Holmen island.  On below is the building named Den Sorte Diamant, translated in English as Black Diamond, is a modern waterfront building that you cannot miss.  This building is an extension, and is part of Royal Danish Library. 
Den Sorte Diamant
Kayaking Copenhagen 3
Kayaking Copenhagen 4
That’s 2 of our lady instructors as we drive past Christianshavn. In the picture, you can sneak peak through the corkscrew Spire of Church of Our Saviour, a baroque church in Copenhagen. 
Kayaking Copenhagen 5

Kayaking Copenhagen 9
Kayaking Copenhagen 6
Saint Nikolaj Church at the backdrop, which is one among the 2 oldest churches in Copenhagen.  The church is said to have been built in 1200, but most of it got destroyed in the great fire in 1795, the current building was re-built in 1900s but not used as Church anymore.  
Kayaking Copenhagen 7
Kayaking Copenhagen 8
The buildings along Gammel Strand 
Kayaking Copenhagen 10
A bit of refreshment and relaxing, part of our 3 hour kayaking tour
View of North Atlantic House
The day we went on the kayaking tour wasn’t very sunny, but thankfully it was dry and not cold. We can’t say enough about how much we enjoyed the tour, and would totally recommend the tour to anyone who is looking for a different way of seeing the city. 
10704061_827305897291045_8864028302039474131_nPractical Information: 
-> Wear appropriate clothes for Kayaking.
-> The tour operator provided us with life jacket and waterproof pants. 
-> The kayaks are sit on tops and easy to maneuver through. 
-> It’s not advisable to carry camera since water enters the kayak as you paddle. We did carry our iphone at our own risk.  
-> If you are Kayaking for the first time, we recommend you take 1 hour tour.
-> Always be with the group, and follow the instructions and route given by your guide.  
Thanks to KajakOle for sponsoring us this tour. We were not compensated or asked to write a positive review. As always, all the opinions are our own. 

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  1. Photos have come out well – iPhone seems to have a good camera 🙂 There was a larger boat I saw in one of the pictures, I'll prefer that – comfortable!

    Destination Infinity

  2. Lovely pics! I can't wait to go kayaking – one thing (fine, out of several others!) I still haven't checked off my adventure list. But kayaking in the middle of a city must be an amazingly different experience! Maybe when I visit Copenhagen, some day. 🙂

  3. Wow! Lovely experience it must have been! Even your camera phone managed to click such nice pictures. 🙂

  4. Looks brilliant!! 🙂

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