A walk around Puerto de Mogan

A short 40 minute drive from Maspalomas took us to the pretty whitewashed beach and fishing village of Puerto de Mogan that lies in the Southeast coast of Gran Canaria, Spain. To say that they looked beautiful would be an understatement.  Hugging the Atlantic coast on one side, with plethora of resorts on the other side, this is nothing but a perfect destination for a relaxing holiday.
We parked our car at the end of the harbour and walked towards the town passing through little seaside restaurants and myriad tourist shops. Along the harbour the boats were standing still in a line, and some fisherman were busy cleaning the boat. 
Puerto de Mogan 1

Puerto de Mogan 4  

Puerto de Mogan is also known for it’s venetian look alike canals, hence it got its name “little Venice” and “Venice of the Canaries”. Walking down this road alongside canals did took us to Venice for a brief time.  The bridges that connected both the side of land were adorned with Bougainvillea flowers in rich red, pink and orange. The canal finally ended in the vast ocean which was such a pleasant sight.

Puerto de Mogan 6

Puerto de Mogan 7

Puerto de Mogan is by far the most prettiest little villages we’ve ever seen. The whitewashed village were bursting with Bougainvillea flowers which was actually quite a photogenic view.

Whitewashed Houses Puerto de Mogan


Puerto de Mogan 2

Puerto de Mogan 3

Lovely beach town

A dip in the sea and relax in the beach under the sun was so ideal. The beach promenade was flooded with restaurants and shops.  We had a lovely lunch in one of them – vegetarian spaghetti, Garlic bread and Spanish Omlette (Tortilla Espanola).

Beach Puerto de Mogan

Beach bed Puerto de mogan

Puerto de Mogan 5

While you can wander around the town, there are also plenty of activities to do.  Puerto de Mogan is home to many watersports activities that include jet-ski, parasailing, submarine trips, dolphin watching tours, and diving centres that offer snorkelling and PADI scuba diving courses. We took a combined ticket for Jetski, Parasail, banana boat and boat trip for 50 Euros, and had super fun.


Have you been to any whitewashed villages like this?  Which is your favourite village? Do you like watersports?

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  1. I loved your pics of the Bougainvillea flowers. Beautiful city Anu! It does look like Venice.

  2. Flowers, flowers, everywhere! The water canal also looks good. Do they have boats driving through it?

    Destination Infinity

    • Yes, there were flowers literally everywhere, looked great! I don't think they have boats around the canal, since the water drains off to the sea during low tide everyday, I guess!

  3. I envy you! It is my dream to loiter around such quiet, dainty villages. And these beautiful Bougainvillea flowers add to its beauty. It must be fun savoring the charm of both seaside and a sleepy fishing village!

  4. marvellous ! Agree with Renuka !

  5. Loved the colours of the flowers and wow, water sports too? Cool 🙂

  6. Absolutely gorgeous, looks like the perfect place to laze away a week or two

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