Of overcoming fear and Snorkeling for the first time!

If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try 

Transfer fear into action

Do one thing everyday that scares you

Don’t be afraid to take that big step! 

We’ve heard all these motivational quotes, and more!  

But in reality, overcoming one’s fear is difficult, and easier said than done.  We are no different.  
We are non-swimmers but have always dreamt of seeing the underwater world. And truth be told, we have had this in our bucket list for a very long time not knowing whether we will cross it off, or if it will get buried within!  
Even the thought of putting the entire face inside water actually scares us out! We are happy so far in shallow water, where we can stand, and still soak ourselves safely!  That’s how we have enjoyed water all our life till now.   But we do know open sea is a lot different that enclosed swimming pools.  And we wanted to experience the underwater live and not through some recorded video or movie, but actually by going through that! 
When we decided to go to Gran Canaria, we delved into the idea of trying underwater activity.  For how long can we keep saying that we never got an opportunity.  We want to create that opportunity and not hold back to the fear for too long. 
We approached Gran Canaria Divers who were happy to help us do this.  We told them that we wanted to do Scuba Diving. When they learnt that we did not know swimming,  they suggested that we take baby steps in this, and not directly do diving and have a bad experience. 
Jernej who runs Gran Canaria Divers told us everything about scuba diving and snorkelling, and suggested that we take up snorkeling and get confident with water at the first instant.  
When we agreed to do snorkeling, we didn’t know that its going to an experience of lifetime.  We were totally glad we listened to the advice given by the team, and took up snorkeling instead of Scuba diving.  
Jernej introduced us to the snorkel accessories and started with the basics.  As I got into our wet suits, don’t know from where the fear popped up, and it sat on the head, and my heart was pacing faster. I checked if Sri was doing alright, and I could see the same fear in his eyes too.  No we were not panicking, but it’s that fear of what if! 
Adoring the mask, life vest and paddles, we were already standing inside the water.  In no time, we tried out to breathe.  After a couple of failed attempts, we did manage. Yeah we really did!   Although in the process of getting acquainted with snorkeling tube, we drank a lot of water.  

We really had this question in our mind after trying our first few minutes of snorkeling –  why was the tube mouth piece too big?  Had that been a bit small in diameter, wouldn’t life been much more easier under water?  We wondered how on earth do people do snorkel or diving with these masks and mouthpiece all the time!  Someone please explain! Doesn’t your mouth start paining after sometime?
Seriously we both couldn’t do them properly without drinking water, got chocked up and had to take out our mask.  After what seemed like a million times, we did succeed a little bit. And then there’s no looking back. We moved from shallow water to a good 10-20 ft deep water.  We were getting comfortable with everything, started floating, used our fins properly to move around, and spotted different colorful fishes. It felt like a different world – a world that’s so quite and beautiful on its own.  
Its the first time we caught the water bug. 
We loved it. 
Loved holding hands and snorkeling. 
Loved the feeling of seeing everything crystal clear underwater in a natural environment. 
Loved seeing fishes in a open space and not in an enclosed fish tank or aquarium. 
Loved the freedom.
Loved the new experience.  

We want to do it again, and more often. 

When people say that they are afraid of heights, they are afraid of falling.  We realised its the same with us too.  We were actually not afraid of deep water, but afraid of getting drowned.   We realized if we want to experience the best in life, we need to come out of comfort zone, and take a plunge. 
All that we want is on the other side of fear.  
I can clearly see that fear of putting my face completely on water is now gone.  Although we are not even close to good, we wanted to try again and get better at this.  That inhibition is gone, and we are very glad about it! 
Sri with our instructor Jernej

The credit for this goes to Jernej who helped us learn the basics, and patiently made us comfortable with water and underwater breathing.  We now want to learn swimming now, do snorkeling and scuba diving much more comfortably and with confidence.   
What are your deepest fear?  How have you overcome them? Have you been under waters?Have you got any tips for us? Leave your comments. 

Thanks to Gran Canaria Divers for sponsoring us on “Discover Snorkelling” session. We were not compensated to write positive about the company. As always, all thoughts and experience mentioned here are our own.    

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  1. I can float, swim but I cannot breathe. That means I can move only for a few meters in deep water before getting drowned! But that maybe sufficient to reach the nearest support (to hold on and wait), at the least.

    I never knew that this was called snorekelling. Looks interesting, and I can understand the apprehensions of non-swimmers. Good that you crossed the boundaries of fears and made it. Wishing you many more snorekelling sessions! 🙂

    Destination Infinity

  2. That is great DI. You know lot more than what we know. You should seriously try these activities DI.

  3. I also always wanted go scuba diving. I had gone sea walking under 30 ft or so in Thailand. it was great, I have pictures of it somewhere. Then when we went to Andaman Islands I went ahead and signed up for Scuba diving in Havelock island, which is the best place for that. I was afraid, but when the time came, I just let my fears go, and after a few minutes of training I was under water with my guide, seeing all the wonderful beauty. I have pictures and also a video of that. I have even posted it in FB. After doing scuba diving I did not feel like going for snorkelling, somehow it didn't seem like so much fun.
    All these are expensive activities, but I had to experience them before I left this world. I also went para sailing and I also finally got over my fear of getting tattoos, got not one but 3 tattoos.
    I am happy you enjoyed snorkelling, and I can understand how much you want to do more of it. The pictures show how much you both enjoyed it.
    We have to let go the fear, for with fear nothing is possible.

  4. Really a good one…
    Keep going 🙂

  5. Great! Being in the water is so refreshing and then being able to see underwater is a boon huh?

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