Museum Monday: Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

The world famous Museo Guggenheim in Blibao, Spain stands out as a magnificent gem not to be missed.  This stunning titanium masterpiece absolutely lives up to the hype and still impresses in person, no matter how many pictures you might have seen. The art was not the impressive part, although fun, interesting and entertaining, it was the amazing building that was the star and endlessly fascinating.
Even for non architecture fans, one can instantly see why it has been called the most important structure of it’s time. Kudos to California architect & truly masterful artist Frank Gehry. 
The large art pieces like Jeff Koon’s enormous live-flowered puppy standing outside ( we just saw a similar creation by him at Rockefeller center in NYC) and his colorful huge Tulip bouquet on a back deck area over looking Louise Bourgeois’ gigantic mother spider  interact with the building and landscape in a whimsical way that is provocative.
An added plus for family travel is there is perhaps the best playground in Europe right next to it!  The depth and breath of the exhilarating experience had us thinking about it and discussing it for years!
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  1. Wow. Both the structure and the dog are impressive. But what's inside the museum?

    Destination Infinity

  2. Beautiful structures…

    Thanks for sharing

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