When in Gran Canaria, an experience in Cave House is a must!

Gran Canaria is not just known for beaches, sun and sand. The ball shaped Canarian island is also famous for the Cave houses. We never thought we’ll experience staying in a cave house. 
Although it was super hot, as we moved up north, the blazing heat had subdued and we felt the nice cold breeze blowing on our face which came as a boon after those 4 days of scorching sun.  
We navigated our way to La Burbuja which is located few kms away from mountain hugged Fontanales.   That’s roughly about 17 kms away from Moya. As soon we entered the private road that went down hill, Migel, our host had welcomed us.  
The Cave House La Burbuja
An exquisite location with rich flora and fauna around, La Burbuja is a quaint, quite cave dwelling carefully furnished with modern equipment yet managed to retain it’s rustic charm.  The owner has tastefully decorated the cave house with vintage and antique items that include terracotta wall hangings, designed porcelins, jute baskets, rustic irons, and mud pots.
The entrance had a portico, and breakfast tables around. There was a fireplace outside too.  Migel had filled a bowl full of freshly handpicked plums on the dining table, which we immediately grabbed for, and they tasted very sweet. We walked around every room and noticed all the little things in the house. The living room, kitchen and the main bedroom are built within the cave, while the entrance and a twin bedroom are an extension, but still attached to the cave house. 
The cave house has a terrace where there is a sauna and 2 sun beds with a gorgeous view of surrounding mountains.
The best part of the cave house was that it was secluded from rest of the cottages, and is completely surrounded by trees, that gave us the nice privacy with nature that we needed. It felt like we were into the wild all on our own.
We spent sometime in the evening and early morning in sauna and just lay in the sun bed. The weather was just perfect. Here’s a little video that takes you tour around the cave house. 

Booking for the cave house can be done here. 
Casa Nanita Cottages

The cave house La Burbuja is part of cottages under the name Casa Nanita. Migel showed us around other houses and cottages that are part of Casa Nanita.  At every house/ cave house/ cottage we looked, our love for the place grew exponentially.  Every house looked very traditional, unique, and the decoration very rustic and authentic.  Migel was very proud when he showed us around the farm where he grew apples, lime, kiwi, plums and some other fruits.  The cottage also had a lovely swimming pool and sauna and offered a breathtaking view of mountains.

To book accommodation in Casa Nanita, visit their website

With our host Migel, who was very shy to pose

We loved staying in La Burbuja cave house and it’s definitely one of the unique experiences we’ve ever experienced. It was as if we time-travelled centuries back, and felt like living in flintstone-kind of dwellings!  Gran Canaria is estimated to have 2000 cave dwellers just as how the initial inhabitants had. Only that they are refurbished with electricity and modern facilities inside. Staying in a cave house is one of the off beat you can experience in Gran Canaria.  

Thanks to CasitasCanaries & Migel from Casa Nanita for hosting us while we were in Gran Canaria.  As always, all the opinions are our own. 

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  1. I think the cave house should have been without TV and other modern facilities. How's it a different experience when you have a hotel within a cave??

    Destination Infinity

    • These cave houses are self catering cottages and people usually book them for 1 week or so. The family needs some kind of entertainment for a week right? By modern facilities, I mean oven, fridge, electricity, heater, induction gas, etc. They are for extra comfort.

  2. Also, you should mention which country this Gran Canaria is located in.

  3. Interesting Anu. Never heard of cave houses before. I am sure it was an unique experience in itself, staying inside a cave.

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