Museum Monday: York Castle Museum

York castle museum england

York Castle Museum is without any doubt, one of the best museums in York,England and there’s a lot to choose from!

Alongside covering the history of the castle – a nine hundred year old complex, as well as being home to royalty, has also housed a prison and law courts – the museum covers the history of York in general, from Jacobean dining rooms and Victorian criminals all the way through to the Swinging Sixties.
One of the best part of the museum is the real life, full size Victorian street. Here you can step back in time as you walk down the cobbled street and explore the old fashioned shops. There are opportunities to interact with the shopkeepers, who are dressed in full Victorian attire, and you can even buy sherbet lemons and liquorice sticks from the old fashioned sweet shop.
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Catherine is a recent graduate from England who is currently making plans to escape the nine to five and start travelling indefinitely. You can follow her journey from the workplace to the world over on Ever Changing Scenery.

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  2. Our pleasure Catherine.

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  4. Yes, the museum looks grand! England is a classic.

  5. Love the idea of Monument Mondays! Lovely photos…

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