Monument Monday: Stonehenge, England

Stonehenge Salisbury

A prehistoric monument (also a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Stonehenge is an enigmatic yet archaeologically an iconic site that is believed to be constructed somewhere between 3000-2000 BC.  Located 90 miles away from London in the Salisbury plains, these mysteriously laid stones attract tourists from around the world not just during Summer Solstice festival, but throughout the year.  

There are never ending debates on why they brought these heavy weight stones, how did they transported them, was this built as a burial ground or as a pagan temple? Whatsoever it is, Stonehenge is definitely a beautiful place to observe a sunrise or sunset.   

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  1. This one is on my list of must sees… its just so fascinating! Like the idea of monument Mondays!

  2. The first time around when I travelled to Stonehenge, I rolled my ankle on the ramp, and ended up in a London hospital. The second time around, just last year, was a far more peaceful experience.

  3. you are enjoying making me jealous now , this also I have not visited 🙁 noooooooooooooooooo


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