Monument Monday: Ta’ Pinu Basilica, Gozo Island

Ta' Pinu Basilica in Gozo Island Malta
Ta’ Pinu Basilica is located in a village called Gharb, on the picturesque countryside of Gozo Island in Malta. A 16th century Chapel built on the local limestone, this is one of the monumental churches is Malta, and is a classic example of Neo Romanesque architecture.  
Pino Gauci was a local devotee of Holy Virgin who was taking care of this chapel and ever since that, the chapel got its name.   
It is said that several people with ailments who prayed to the Virgin of Ta’ Pinu began to get a cure. The word of this legacy spread, and in no time, this little chapel became a famous and important devotional shrine in Malta.   There are also various other miracle stories associated with this church.  For instance a localite named Karmni Grima, in the year of 1883 had reported that she heard a mysterious voice calling her “Come..come today..For a whole year, you will not be able to return”, and it happened the same way that Karmni fell sick and she couldn’t actually visit the church for next one year.  Sounds a bit spooky right? 

Have you been to this chapel, or heard of miracle stories like this before? 

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  1. Beautiful pic

  2. Looks absolutely fascinating! I like the background setting too.

  3. Looks really stunning. I love the dark cloud above the basilica. Makes it look really dramatic.

  4. It kind of reminds me of the oracle in Delphi, Greece, how some presence seems to be present and alive within the walls.

  5. Stunning picture! The Karmni Grima story is a bit spooky though.

  6. i knew malta was beautiful, but I didn't know about Ta'Pinu. Thank you for the amazing photo !

  7. Beautiful picture and interesting story…

  8. Super pic. It's difficult to check the authenticity of such stories…

    Destination Infinity

  9. Wow that photo looks right out of a fairytale! So pretty. Neat story too…I love that kind of stuff!

  10. Lovely photo. I love visiting religious buildings around the world and now I have added another to my list of must see's. Thanks for sharing.

  11. What a cool story! And beautiful church!

  12. Sigh… another place to add to my ever growing list! I love the surrounding nature and the fact that the basilica seems to stand pretty much on its own

  13. Wonderful place guys! 🙂

  14. I loved how mystical it looks. Interesting story behind it.

  15. Awesome! I was in Malta last year but it was sad that I haven’t visited this.

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