Kittiwake camping hut – a romantic weekend getaway in Isle of Mull

We are constantly on the look out for unique experiences that we can share with our readers. While we are still experimenting these options, Kittiwake camping hut in Isle of Mull came across our way. It has everything one needed for a “Perfect Weekend Getaway” or “A Romantic Hideout”.

Where is Kittiwake Camping Hut

The camping hut is located in a tiny village named Calgary which is about 12 miles away from Isle of Mull’s capital Tobermory.  The hut is located within the woodland that is managed by Calgary Art in Nature. 

What’s unique about Kittiwake Camping Hut

Built using locally sourced wood and a boat that serves as a ceiling to the hut, Kittiwake camping hut is a finest example of eco-friendly lodging. There are solar lighting system replacing electricity and a wood burning stove to keep the hut warm.  The hut sits on a small hill surrounded by posh woodland and overlooks Calgary bay, one of the pristine beaches in Scotland.  

Facilities inside the hut

A double bed + duvet (with linen)
Solar lighting and solar lamp
2 seater sofa
A wooden cabinet + few candles
Dining table (sits 2)
Wooden Stove + Log basket
A small space for kitchen
Camping stove + kettle
Pots, pans, plates and mugs

Other facilities

Chemical toilet (at the basement for emergency)
A porch area
Log bags
Campfire Area
Toilet and Shower located few meters away (near to Calgary Art Visitor Centre)
Wi-fi available at the Cafe within Calgary Art Visitor Centre
A Lovely pond 

NOTE: There is no electric socket inside the hut so keep your mobile and camera fully charged. There is no mobile reception around the visitor centre or hut. You need to go a bit further down the road to get a Vodafone reception.

Back to the Basics

The hut is very rustic and reminds that you don’t need all that sophistication to have a cosy and happy night’s sleep. Indeed a great place to escape the fast-paced internet driven life, step back in time and relax in the lap of nature.

A Romantic Setting

Absolutely calm, secluded, surrounded by woodlands with fantastic views of the Calgary bay.  For a change, we woke up not to the monotonous alarm tone, but to the sound of birds singing. 

Soak in Solitude

We spent some time sitting in the porch admiring the greenery and silence around us and were delighted about the feeling of solitude that engulfed us. 

Eco-Friendly & Unique

You get to enjoy all of this while showing some respect to Mother earth and being responsible while travelling. A welcoming and refreshing alternate to seeing mundane hotel rooms and tasteless decors. 

Close to one of the best beaches in Scotland

After travelling around Scotland for myriad weekends, hopping over various coasts, we can confidently say that this, by far, is the best beach we have seen. 

Calgary bay

Stay Close to Nature

Warm and helpful hosts
Julia and Matthew are the lovely couple who run Calgary Holiday Cottage and the Calgary Art in Nature.  They are very helpful in providing information about the local eat outs and shops around. When you have hosts such as these, you don’t have to worry about a thing, but just enjoy your weekend relaxing! 
Details about Kittiwake

1 night stay costs £100 

3 days Weekend: May & June £180; July & August £225
4 days Mid Week: May & June £220; July & August £260
1 week: May or June £350; July & August £400

To book this camping hut, visit their website

How to get into Calgary, Isle of Mull

Isle of Mull can be reached from mainland through a ferry in the following routes:- 
Oban <–> Craignure
Lochaline <–> Fishnish
Kilchoan (Ardnamurchan Peninsula) <–> Tobermory

For the fare and ferry timetable, refer Caladonian MacBrayne website.

Once you reached Isle of Mull, you can drive to Calgary (33 miles from Craignure & 12 miles from Tobermory).

Is this your kind of weekend getaway? Have you stayed in a camping hut like this before? Leave a word or two in comments. We would love to hear about your experiences.

Thanks to Julia and Matthew from Calgary Farmhouse for hosting us while we were in Isle of Mull.  As always, all the opinions are our own. 

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  1. Excellent pics. The second one in particular – rich green! The rates, I guess, are on the higher side, for a hut? 🙂

    Destination Infinity

  2. Brilliant article, that place looks like an absolute dream in an idyllic setting! The prices look fairly reasonable too – I would have thought something like this would have cost a lot more. That beach looks really nice too – love how it's surrounded by beautiful green hills/cliffs

  3. Absolutely amazing place. I used to have a friend who ran a B&B on Mull and we visited a couple of times. If we ever go back to Mull, I know where to go now. Beautiful!

  4. What a cool place to go camping! The surroundings are so beautiful, and it sounds fun to do something a little bit different.

  5. That looks like a fabulous place to spend a weekend! Must have been so relaxing!

  6. OH MY GOD. This looks amazing! I'm definitely putting this place on my list. We are huge fans of camping and secluded areas. This is so beautiful

  7. This place looks amazing! So peaceful, quiet, you can really get in touch with yourself and nature here. Love places like this!

  8. The Isle of Mull looks gorgeous. I can't believe that I never ventured there but it is certainly somewhere I would love to go for a relaxing weekend getaway. So many great hiking/camping options there as well.

  9. I have never stayed somewhere like this, but it looks incredible! I am so glad that you posted this link this week. I have been intrigued by the Google+ photos but haven't had time to read it! This looks so beautiful and restful. I love the idea of being so near to nature and the eco-friendly aspect is a major plus. Thank you for sharing this! -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  10. Beautiful place! This is just my luck as I have been look at places in Oban and as far as Stornoway. Might check it out. I love how the beach is just feet away.

    48 hours in Jerusalem

  11. OH my gosh! This is BEAUTIFUL! I have actually never seen anything like it.

  12. Fascinated Anu & Sri…Cant wait to go ….loved the pics 🙂

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