Beautiful Castles Around The World – Part 3

If you are following our blog, you might as well know that we have been sharing some of the beautiful castles around the world which has been contributed by various travel bloggers.  The legacy continues in this too. There are much more beautiful castles that we’ve heard and read about, like the Swallow’s Nest of Ukraine, or the Hohenzollern Castle of Germany which we hope to visit someday along with other castles that has been featured in our blog.  For now, sit back and enjoy reading about these castles.  

1. Gravensteen Castle, Belgium

Gravensteen Castle, meaning “castle of the count” in dutch, is a beautiful castle located in the charming city of Ghent, Belgium. The impressiveness of this castle is all due to Count Philip, who built it in 1180. The  rich aristocrats in the city were expanding their influence in the region and showing off their prestige through impressive stone houses. Count Philip built this castle to show them he still had the power and who was boss! The castle now holds a museum with various torture devices that were used in Ghent and is popular for weddings.
By Taylor Young from World Trippin’ It

2. Windsor Castle, England

Whenever you think about stereotypical castles in England, there are probably none more popular than Windsor Castle. Located in the Berkshire town of Windsor, west of England’s capital London, Windsor Castle offers visitors a great opportunity to learn about the architectural genius behind this design along with the heralded history that is present on these royal grounds. Renowned as a residence of the Royal Family since the 11th Century, it is undoubtedly one of the most famous castles in world heritage. Much of the original design of the castle has been maintained but of course restoration has taken place over the years, much of this occurring recently after the great fire in 1992 that threatened large parts of the castle. I would encourage everyone to take time to pay Windsor Castle a visit, you never know you may be fortunate to catch the Queen or Duke of Edinburgh strolling through the royal gardens on your next visit!
By Chris & Heather from A Brit and A Southerner

3. Schwerin Castle, Germany

In the town of Schwerin in Northern Germany, you can find the gorgeous Schwerin Castle. The castle sits on a small island with a lake surrounding it on all sides. Bridges connect the castle to the gardens and to the town of Schwerin. Part of the interior has been preserved as a museum that highlights the history of the castle, which you can visit for a fee, while another section houses the state parliament offices. But, the most beautiful part is the exterior. The castle has some stunning gardens and grounds that you can wander for free.
By Amy Clark from The Unsettled Meliorist
4. Ambras Castle, Austria

Ambras Castle is an impressive Renaissance castle high above Innsbruck, Austria. The castle was built by Archduke Ferdinand II. of Austria and now boasts an impressive collection of armouries, portraits, art and beautiful halls. Ambras Castle is surrounded by a huge park complete with a lake, which is extremely popular with locals who walk, jog or have a picnic amongst the majestic trees. Also, don’t miss the amazing views of Innsbruck, nestled between two mountain ranges in the valley below – an impressive sight!
By Irene & Stefano from Freelancers On The Road
5. The Royal Castle in Warsaw, Poland

Even if the Royal Castle in Warsaw, the showcase of the city, looks old it actually was (re)built in the late 1970s. The original building came from the 14th century but due to the fact 90% of the city was destroyed during the World War II the Castle was in pieces as well. It always played a big part in the Polish history and was the seat of the kings of Poland from the late 16th century till 1795. Now it is possible to visit the Royal Castle and on Sundays the entrance is free of charge.
6. Buda Castle, Hungary

© Túrelio (via Wikimedia-Commons)
Located on top of Castle Hill in Budapest, the grand Buda Castle offers visitors a spectacular panoramic view of the Pest side of the city and Danube river. As well as being a photographers delight, this neo-Baroque castle has a rich and tumultuous history. Originally built in the 13th century to house the kings of Hungary, this castle has had more lives than a cat. After Mongolian and Turkish occupations, and liberations, the following centuries saw the castle remodelled, completely destroyed, rebuilt and then badly damaged again, with very few original parts remaining. Today the castle is a cultural hub with the surrounding courtyards being home to several annual events such as music, art and wine festivals.
By Backpacking Diva
7. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Autumn in Fussen. View of Neuschwanstein Castle
I hope no introduction is required for this fairy tale castle.  A lot have written to us saying how disappointed they were that this castle hasn’t yet appeared in our posts.  Well, what can I say, I reserved it for last collaborative part, and here it is.  Situated atop a hill in the picturesque village of Fussen, this has been an inspiration to Walt Disney in creating Sleeping Beauty Castle. Together visited with Hohenschwangau Castle, this can be a wonderful day trip from Munich. 

With this post, we conclude the collaborative post on the castles.  You can read Part-1 and Part-2 of the posts in their respective links. Thanks a lot to all of them who not only participated, but also actively shared the posts in the social media channels. 

But that’s not the end of castle collection yet. If you have noticed, we haven’t featured any of Scottish Castles yet.  Stay tuned until next week for yet another (and the last of the castle series, I promise!) spell-bounding castle collections from the country that we currently call home, Scotland. 

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