Beautiful Castles Around The World – Part 1

We’ve all been there, dreaming and fantasizing about fairy-tale castles as a child. There can’t be a single soul who doesn’t love castle.  Hence the idea of sharing some of the beautiful castles around the world visited by travel bloggers and travel enthusiasts.  
1. Český Krumlov Castle, Czech Republic
For such a small town, Český Krumlov in the south of the Czech Republic has an enormous and beautiful castle. Since Krumlov is situated on a bend in the river Vltava, the same river that flows through Prague, the castle commands impressive views over the small, medieval town with its gorgeous red tiled roofs. Built in 1240, but maintained in an excellent state, access to the exterior and interior passages of this UNESCO World Heritage Site is free, including the gardens, though you must pay to climb the castle tower and enter the castle proper.
By Sam Wood from Indefinite Adventure
2. Peles Castle, Romania
I am a big fan of castles and have visited them all over the place. The one that really impressed me the most for its beauty is Peles Castle in Sinai, Romania. The outside doesn’t even begin to give you an idea of just how gorgeous it is inside the building. But it also sports some phenomenal views, particularly in the fall when the nearby hillsides are adorned with golden leaves.
By Talon Windwalker from 1Dad1Kid
3. Bodrum Castle, Turkey
I’ve long given up clamoring up and down the stone stairways and along the parapets of Bodrum’s Castle of St Peter but often visit to enjoy a beer within the shade of its walls. Though visitors are unable to enjoy the harbour view offered by the bars outside, the surrounds are Byzantine gravestones, millennia old marble column stumps and cannons set under cover of a canopy of trees. Look up at the walls and the white marble blocks you see set amongst the stonework are recycled from the Mausoleum of Maussollos, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
By Shane Donovan from The Working Traveller

4. Nuremberg Castle, Germany

Nuremberg Castle has a rich history, one that has led it to be regarded as the most important medieval Imperial palace. For over 500 years, it was the prestigious residence of emperors of the The Holy Roman Empire and played a crucial role in the Empire’s administrative functions. Visiting Nuremberg Castle, there’s no sign of the devastation from World War II. The castle was meticulously rebuilt and today feels more like a peaceful small village than an imposing castle. Flower boxes line the brightly trimmed windows and trees fill the small courtyards, breathing colour and life into a city with a painful past.
By Rhonda Krause from Travel? Yes Please!
5. Ashford Castle, Ireland
It would be hard to top Ashford Castle in Ireland for magnificence.  Our room was sumptuous—I loved the bathroom with deep tub—and my husband and I were both delighted with an elegant gourmet dinner in the dining room.  We spent two nights and so had the luxury of an entire day spent on the castle grounds.  In the morning we signed up a falconry walk—a don’t miss—and explored the gardens.  Then in the afternoon, we followed a footpath into the tiny town of Cong and explored ruins.  We were also lucky enough to be visiting on September 26–the birthday of former castle owner Sir Arthur Guinness.  At. 6 p.m. we raised a glass of Guinness in celebration of Arthur’s Day, as all of Ireland does at this time. 
By Carole from Travels with Carole
6. Spis Castle, Slovakia

While there are more elegant and better preserved castles throughout Europe, Spis Castle in Slovakia has its own formidable beauty, towering above small hamlets far below on the plains. Crowning a hill of dense flowers waving in the breeze, the castle almost seems more grand as a monumental ruin than it would if it were fully restored. Spis Castle is refreshingly void of hordes of tourists (a beauty in its own right); you can lie in the flowers and let it loom over you in contemplative silence.  
By Shara Johnson from SKJ Travel
7. Chantilly Castle, France

Walking up to the 19th century Château de Chantilly it’s hard not to be impressed. The fairytale-like castle is located in a small town Chantilly not far from Paris and is surrounded by a formal French garden complete with well pruned hedges and bold fountains as well as a more informal English garden and its a little hamlet. 
By Andrea Anastasakis from Destination Europe
8. Laugharne Castle, South Wales

The photo is of Laugharne castle in South Wales which overlooks the magical Taf estuary. This medieval castle was fought over for centuries but is now an impressive looking ruin with a summerhouse in the gardens, where the poet Dylan Thomas sometimes wrote.
By Heather Cowper from Heather On Her Travels
9. Osaka Castle, Japan

Osaka Castle is one of the many architectural highlights of the city that we’re always keen to mention, and it’s clear to see why due to the unique shape that differs from most castles that you see around the world, and whilst this castle is unfortunately a reproduction due to earthquakes and structural damage during World War 2, it’s as glamorous as you’d expect from a country steeped in tradition. On top of that, the surrounding gardens are great for avid photographers and nature lovers.
By Dale & Franca from AngloItalian,FollowUs
10. Durham Castle, England

Standing atop of a little hill above River Wear, Durham Castle is a UNESCO Heritage Site along with the Cathedral. The history of the castle dates back to 11th century. The castle has in continuous use, and has been occupied by University College, Durham since 1840. The castle is open to public though guided tours. 
Have you been to any of these Castles? Do you have a favourite castle that’s not in this list? Do leave your comments. 

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  1. I love the castles in Ireland and Japan. I wonder how that Japanese castle is even standing erect 😛 I don't think I will want to live in a castle like this – we may have to walk for five minutes even to reach the restroom! 😛

    Destination Infinity

  2. I've not been to any of these castles yet, but am hoping to see Nuremberg next month!

  3. I have not been to any of these castles either .. I saw many in France on my recent trip.

    I found your link on Twitter retweet,

  4. Thanks so much for allowing Franca and myself of Angloitalian Follow Us for letting us contribute to this great list.

    There's so may great castles around the world, with plenty to be found in Europe; but I think that the further away we travel from Europe, the more curious they become.

  5. Wow. Wonderful compilation. Initially I way telling myself I liked this one, and did that for almost all the pics :-D. But the ones in France and Romania are the favorites 🙂

  6. Nice compilation. Not been to any one of them though!!

  7. I haven't been to any of them. I so badly want to visit the one in UK (especially after Harry Potter series). Good collection of photos Anu. 🙂

  8. Great selection of castles, none of which we have visited yet – so even more for us to add to the ever-growing list! 🙂

  9. Great post! We'll be visiting Český Krumlov this summer and can't wait to see it. Some of these never heard of, thanks.
    Frank (bbqboy)

  10. Unfortunately never been to any of these. They all look wonderful, but the one in Germany is definitely the prettiest in my eyes!

  11. What an amazing variety of castles here! I've been to Durham and Nuremberg but not the others – they all look interesting but I particularly like the look of the Romanian one.

  12. An amazing variety of castles here! I've been to Durham and Nuremberg, but none of the others. They all look interesting, especially the Romanian one.

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