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While Trømso itself holds great museum and tourist attractions within its sleeve, there’s plenty of beautiful inlets and fjords waiting to be explored – all of it close to Trømso. Tromso has such a lovely surroundings that there are plenty of day trip options to choose from.  One could hop over to Kvaløya or Sommarøya or Vengsøya Islands, or traverse through the Lyngen Alps. The name suffix øya simply means island.

Eidkjosen Tromso region

While all this is true, we cannot ignore the fact that Norway is very expensive.  If you want to save the Norwegian kronas yet enjoy your travel, there are some great day trips that can save the hole in your wallet! 

Eidkjosen 1

An adult day ticket in public transport costs 100 NOK per person, and can be used optimally if you do a bit of planning.  While having a casual conversation with a local resident, we came to know that Eidkjosen is a great place to do hiking or simply to spend a good time. And it is within the vicinity of Tromso’s public transport. We enquired about it further in the visitor information, and started our day to spend some quality time in silent neighborhood of Eidkjosen. 

Bus no. 42 in the direction of Eidkjosen directly takes you there, and that is the last stop.  It’s a very pleasant looking neighbourhood which is nestled between mountains, and surrounded by beautiful fjords. The nearest one to the bus stop is Eidkjosen bay.  You can walk around the bay. Or do a bit if hike along the Eidkjosen that will take you the island Hakoya. 

Or you can trek up the mountains and get a grand view of fjords around the island. We wanted to trek but after heavy snow, the roads were very slippery and had ice formations.  Hence we decided to laze around Eidkjosen. 

Would you like to spend time in a place like this?

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  1. Beautiful place and nice captures!!

  2. So much ice! The first pic is too good. Of course, others are also good 🙂

    Destination Infinity

  3. I would love to spend a day or two there. Was not aware that it is an expensive country. Will keep your points in mind in case I get lucky to go there. Beautiful pictures.

  4. Beautiful pics Anu. Icy mountains look so pretty. Would love to visit Norway some day. 🙂

  5. Wow, awesome pictures! I really want to go to Norway 🙂

  6. I think Tromso is the nearest city to Alta. I live near Alta. I love it here. I just don't like the snow that much, I mean I like it, but I've been living here more than a month and it's just getting annoying. I can't wait till sammer will come!

  7. Lovely shots! I like the balmy sunlight glistening over the snow carpet. Beautiful!

  8. Always a good idea to discover how the locals spend their time, you get a more in depth experience and save money!

    • Exactly Brianna! Had I not had that conversation, I would have certainly missed this lovely spot. And it definitely did save a huge amount of money that we might have invested on day trip tours or anything as such!

  9. Nice blog you have here.

  10. Beautiful pictures. I love the snow and hiking in winter, would love to visit!

    • Thank you! Most people avoid winter and snowy seasons for travelling, but we love it, especially the way it transforms the whole place into a magical land!

  11. Wow it's soo pretty! Norway is one of my top three countries in Europe to visit. And for once I actually want to go in winter time to see the snow!

  12. Looks beautiful. I'm wondering, since Norway is so expensive, I'm assuming the salaries are much higher? I wonder what the cost of living in such a precious place would be.

    • It could be Rashad! But for tourists, it's really expensive. On everyday basis, we shelled out easily £100 on travel, food, drinks and accom excluding the activities. We are not budget travellers, but not luxury travellers as well!

  13. It's a beautiful country. I haven't seen it in the snow though!

  14. All the snow makes it look very similar to winter in Wisconsin!

  15. Great tips and I would definitely love to see this place.

  16. Gorgeous landscape there and it sounds like the locals are pretty friendly. Would love to get up to Norway soon and include Eidkjosen on the itinerary.

    • Glad you liked it Dave! Tromso such a small city, but just outside, there's plenty of little islands and places like Eidkjosen to discover! I'm sure it's even beautiful during summer/autumn!

  17. This place looks awesome. I often thought about going to Antarctica but I think these kinda places would be more interesting on more levels, and cheaper!

    • I would love to see Arctic and Antartica to get that wild nature and environment experience! But Norway does make a great winter destination, no doubt about it!

  18. This city looks absolutely breath-taking when covered with some snow. I wish I could teleport there right now from rainy Dongguan!

  19. Wow, this looks beautiful, but very cold! Love how snow can instantly make a place look magical 🙂

  20. Wow, this is so cool and different than typical warm weather vacations! I would love to visit Sweden, and I imagine/hope it's just as beautiful as your pictures of Norway!

  21. Yes I would love to spend my time there. It is a perfect place for vacations. You have mentioned very useful information for me because I was planning for going to Norway. Recently my friend visited it after his boston new york washington dc tour he told me about Tromso and lots of other places. I will go there next week. I am very excited for my trip.

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