Photo Essay: Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo

If there’s just one attraction to be seen in Norway’s capital city, it better be Vigeland Sculpture Park (the Vigelandsparken).  Situated on the borough of Frogner, a short tram ride from city centre will take you to this park.  You must be wondering what’s in there that I am strongly recommending this place? Vigeland Sculpture Park is claimed as one of the top visited attraction in Oslo.  It’s is world’s largest sculpture park made by a single artist. And its FREE! 

Vigeland Sculpture Park is an open exhibition that showcases the amazing work of Gustav Vigeland, a Norwegian Sculptor in a 80 acre area within the Frogner Park. There are about 212 granite and bronze statues he created over 2 decades that depict human condition from birth to death.  The statues has men, women and children (baby, toddler, adult) portrayed in different ages with varied emotions.

If you notice closely, there’s a lot of emotions in the statues – fear, joy, anguish, anger, revenge; and each of these statues tell a story.  But what’s common among all of them is they are raw and naked, but not intimidating. For some it could seem bizarre, because there’s too much of nakedness! There’s a man battling and kicking babies, a crying angry baby, 2 kids sitting on the back of a mother – just to name a few.   

The most captivating part of the park is the Monolith, a 46 ft high imposing column containing about 121 colossal human figures braided together carved out of a single piece of stone.  The Monolith is surrounded by various 36 granite statues that depict cycle of life.  

Other attractions within the park include the Fountain (that is surrounded by bronze statues), Wheel of Life and Children’s play area. 

Vigeland Sculpture Park Oslo
View of the Vigeland Sculpture Park seen from Monolith terrace.  You can see the fountain here. 

Vigeland Sculpture Park Oslo_1

Vigeland Sculpture Park Oslo_2

Vigeland Sculpture Park Oslo_3

Vigeland Sculpture Park Oslo_4

Vigeland Sculpture Park Oslo_5

Vigeland Sculpture Park Oslo_6
Front view of the Fountain

Vigeland Sculpture Park Oslo_11Vigeland Sculpture Park Oslo_8

Vigeland Sculpture Park Oslo_10

Vigeland Sculpture Park Oslo_7
Statue of a man battling with babies
Vigeland Sculpture Park Oslo_9

Vigeland Sculpture Park Oslo_12

One need not be an art connoisseur to be able to appreciate these. A simple look at them talks multitude of emotions that Gustav Vigeland has created in the form of a Sculpture.  

Additional Information:

Tram No. 12 takes you directly to this park from the city centre. 
Entrance Fee: FREE
Opening Hours:24 hours
Allow yourself atleast 2-3 hours to walk through the park.

Have you been to any Sculpture Park like this? 

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  1. Nice pictures! The sculptures look a bit funny, but the park looks pretty.

  2. I was there 2 years ago in December and I loved this park. I was taken there by a fellow travel blogger. Never heard of it before, but I absolutely loved it. I can just imagine how stunning it is to stay there for an hour or two in summer!

  3. the statues are bizarre actually. Pretty weird they are.

  4. OMG! These are mind blowing captures!

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