Photo Essay: Barreta Island

Fantasize yourself lying in a island with crystal clear water, golden sands and
absolutely no one to disturb you.  That
would be Barreta Island (Ilha de Barreta in Portuguese)! It is the uninhabited and most secluded Island in the whole of Algarve.  Hence the island is also known as Deserted Island (Ilha Deserta). This
piece of information was satisfactory enough to convince us to visit the
island. And we weren’t disappointed! The space and openness we encountered were very natural and primitive. 
Island is located on the most secluded part of Ria Formosa Natural Park, a protected natural reserve in the Algarve coastline.  The island can be reached only through a ferry service. The island is also home to only one restaurant Estamine Restaurante that is known to serve best sea food.  Also, the
southernmost point of continental Portugal is located within this island –
Cabo de Santa Maria (Cape of St.Mary).  
The island is a great place to enjoy the day away from crowded beaches. One can simply do swimming, soak under the sun, or
walk along the 10km long beach and stand at the southern most point of
Portugal, do fishing, collect shells, read your favourite novel, picnic with family, enjoy the sunset and watch the myriad of birds that flock here. That’s plenty of things to
do considering the size of this island, isn’t it?   
assured, this beach island will be the most memorable and highlight of your
How to reach the island:
are direct ferry services from Faro which takes about 35 minutes, and costs
roughly 10 Euros with return.    
Barreta Island Desert Island in Ria Formosa Faro Portugal

First View of Ilha Deserta in Ria Formosa Faro Portugal Barreta+Island
The lighthouse in Barreta island as we were approaching in the water taxi
Barreta+Island 3 Fisherman Shelters
Fisherman’s Shelter. During summer, you also get sunshades can be rented here
Barreta+Island 2
Barreta Island 5 Faro Portugal
Estamine Restaurante and the backdrop of deserted island
Barreta Island 6

Starfish in Barreta+Island Faro Portugal
Shells and starfish in abundance

Barreta+Island 1 Faro Portugal


Be sure to carry a good binocular to enjoy bird watching

Have you been to any isolated island like this? Share your experience in the comments. 

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  1. Looks like paradise !

  2. Isolated beaches are almost a luxury, aren't they?
    Lovely pics, Anu.

  3. Ahhhh, nice! I've been to Algarve but never to this island. Unfortunately, almost all of the islands I've been to have been overrun with tourists–even one of the most remote islands, the Telegraph Island in Oman.

  4. It looks like you had the beach all to yourself! Those are the best kind of beaches.

  5. Wonderful pictures

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  7. Anu! Barreta Island is really very peaceful and away from the hectic life of the city and other beaches. I visited there three months ago with my college fellows. We had a great fun there. We had done there swimming, soaking under the sun, Enjoyed sea food and collects some shells. These shells are still with me. Next month we are planning to go there again after miami ev. I am very excited for this tour.

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