10 Awesome Travel Moments and Photographs of 2013

A year has passed since the time we started this travel blog.  That way 2013 is the first baby step towards documenting our travel and establishing contacts with other travellers in social media. And it has been a fantastic journey. Now that the holidays are over, and we’re back to normal life, here’s a quick flashback into the bygone year as we reminisce the good times of 2013. 

In a nutshell, we traveled to 5 new countries and 13 cities, revisited some places again, and explored around UK. So with no further delay, here are our 10 awesome travel moments (chronological order).

Welcoming New Year in Irish Style

We welcomed new year in Ireland in the small Dingle town followed by a traditional procession and street party in Annascaul village. On the first day of the year 2013, we drove the scenic Dingle Peninsula admiring the green countryside on one side, and the blue Atlantic ocean on the other.  Road tripping around Emerald Isle was one of the best first thing of 2013.  

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Beautiful Irish Countryside somewhere in Co Kerry

Celebrating our 5th Wedding Anniversary 
We keep pinching ourselves to come to realization that we’re married for 5 long years! A special milestone does call for a great celebration and that took us to French Riviera’s crown รˆze, a hilltop medieval village overlooking Mediterranean Sea snugged between Nice and Monaco. During our travel here, we also spent some days in Nice and Marseilles, even hopped over to Monaco, the 2nd smallest country in the world

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View of Mediterranean Sea and the rugged mountains from Jardin d’ รˆze

A long weekend in Oslo
Oslo stunned us even amidst the unexpected snow and freezing cold in April. We spent our days admiring the myriad statues and sculptures that garnered Vigeland Sculpture Park and took Oslo Fjord cruise to see the colorful summer houses, museums and Oslo opera that dotted along the shores.  We did sledging on the Frognerseteren, a popular skiing and hiking area in Oslo, and hiked down the hill exploring lesser known Oslo by foot.      
A sight of colorful houses as seen from Oslo Fjord Cruise

Enjoying the summer in Scotland
When we live in a city, we are struck with normal day to day chores and work life that we hardly take any notice and admire the beauty around us within that city. While we try to break that norm and travel around in every given opportunity, it is this year we did full justice, and actually captured the summer.

Blanket of rapeseed fields that adored the countryside of Scotland

Family time in India

We took a short 2 week break from our work to visit our family and friends back home in India. When you are home there’s always lovely conversations, pampering, good food, get-togethers et all. Time is never enough when we are surrounded by the people we love the most, isn’t it? We tasted good South Indian delicacies like Idli, Dosa and Vada, drank loads of filter kaapi, tasted street foods that we usually crave for, spent some silent evenings near the beach and before even we realized, our time was over, and we were returning back to UK.  

Driving to Shakespeare Country
We drove to Stratford upon Avon via Birmingham for a weekend getaway. We experienced the slow lifestyle of this laid back town, drove a motorboat along River Avon, visited Shakespeare’s houses, lazed around the park enjoying the street music and local delicacies.  

Black and White half timber houses are a common scene in Stratford-uon-Avon

Coastal walking in Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire is known for it’s award winning coastal path and  blue flag beaches. Coupled with interesting landscapes ranging from limestone cliffs to red sandstone bays, the coastal path and the beaches took our breath away. We explored the coasts, hopped over gorgeous stretch of beaches, hiked some routes whilst enjoying the sunshine in Wales. Pembrokeshire is a heaven for beach-lovers, hikers and trekkers and bird-watchers. 

Coastal Walking in Pembrokeshire
Passing through Newport Beach

Exploring lochs and mountains of Scotland
We spend a lot of our weekends driving around seeking new places and admiring the myriad beauty of lochs and mountains that are major part of scotland’s landscape.  The best thing is, a plethora of lochs are located less than 2 hours drive away from Edinburgh. 
Loch Ard, part of Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park in Stirling District

The beautiful Glencoe is one of our favorite weekend getaway. We come here to trek the mountains, or simply to admire their wildness in silence.

Autumn and Enchanted Forest 

Autumn in Big Tree Country aka Pitlochry in Scotland is something that every traveller should experience. And, without any doubt, it can go into your bucket list. So is the Enchanted Forest Festival – an award winning light and sound show that happens inside Faskally Woods in Pitlochry. Purely magical they are!
River Tummel near Pitlochry Dam during Autumn

Road Tripping in Portugal
The most recent travelling moment – road tripping in Portugal was definitely a great way to end the year, and welcome 2014. Not only does Portugal boasts of dramatic coastlines, crystal clear beaches and a year round good weather, the people are extremely friendly and there’s amazing architecture in every corner of the country.  Although the country is of pocket size, there’s so much to explore in this country.

Ilha Deserta (desert Island) is an uninhabited island close to Faro, on Ria Formosa Natural Park

So this was our 2013.  We had some amazing journeys, hopped over to great countries, celebrated some important events in our life, tasted great vegetarian delights. Looks pretty good huh? We also had our part of hard times. Our journey was not all smooth. We had rough roads to drive on, made hasty decisions, did stupid silly things, but overall life had been one helluva ride this year, and we really look forward for a bigger and better 2014. 

Tell me, how was it for you?  What are the most memorable travel moments of 2013? Share in the comments. 

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  1. Looks like a fun year! Gorgeous photos, been seeing lots of pics of Europe and all the beautiful landscapes and scenery. The enchanted forest picture is stunning!

  2. That was a fabulous 2013! May all your travel dreams come true in 2014. Those are some gorgeous captures!

  3. Wow! What a fabulous year you had! Since I am so fond of UK and Scotland, I really envy you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Here's my 2013 http://renuka-voyagerforlife.blogspot.in/2013/12/looking-back-at-2013.html

  4. That fall picture is so beautiful!

  5. You had a fantastic 'travely' year, great pics.

  6. Sounds like you had a really great year. Pitlochry looks amazing!

  7. you had a great year looks like. Loved all the pics Anu. Loved the first one the most. I so badly want to visit UK. Wishing you a travel filled year 2014 ๐Ÿ™‚

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