Autumn Pictures Around The World – Part 2

I am sure you all enjoyed the Part 1 of Autumn Pictures Around The World.  While part 1 mostly had pictures of fall foliage against autumnal landscape, in this part you will see bright sunsets, wind & storms, autumn celebrations along with the fall landscape.  So tuck up and be ready to be bedazzled by the beauty of this season.  
In my last post I did not include USA because I reserved the best for the last.  And the good thing is I have 4 pictures from 4 different parts of USA.  So enjoy!
“The Colors in lake chelan valley are simply breathtaking. Greens, oranges, yellows, and reds dot the 55 mile long glacier fed lake in North Central Washington. It’s a quiet time this year as the tourist have left and it’s the perfect time to experience the small town charm and beauty.”
By Amber Linthakhan from Simply The WildSide
“Here is a picture from the Bellagio Conservatory in Las Vegas.  They do a different scene for each season.  This was their autumn”
By Jennifer from
“As much as I love to travel, my favorite place to be in autumn is right here in the Pacific Northwest. With cool, clear nights and crisp, sunny days, the weather is near perfection. Campgrounds are half full, beaches nearly empty, and the changing leaves display a near kaleidoscope of color across the hillsides. Mt. Hood stands, snow-covered and imposing, in full view from miles around, and fall grape harvest festivals are in full swing. As we sit and watch the sun set over the Pacific we realize, sometimes there truly is “no place like home”.
By  Rhonda Delameter from The Next Big Adventure
“Some trees remain green and lush and some turn crimson and fall to the ground . Some days are sunny and warm and some are crisp and cozy. Either way San Francisco is at it’s best during the autumn months.”
By Olivia S from OlivNTheCity
Canada is making its appearance again in this post, you know why? Of course  for all that I’ve known, Canada is best known for its Maple Leaf and beautiful autumn.  

“We spent a week up in Northern Ontario, Canada, in a small town called Baysville. It’s well known for its spectacular fresh water lakes that draw summer crowds of “cottagers” to the area for all kinds of activities, from kayaking,canoeing to more active sports like wake-boarding and water skiing. But in the autumn, the area is transformed into beautiful “art” with vibrant yellows, oranges and reds of the changing leaves. It’s absolutely a must-see if you’re into nature’s wonders!”
By Jill & Team from Road Warrior
“Autumn stormy seas of North Bay in Scarborough, England. The photo also shows the statue of Freddie Gilroy”
By Haley Pugh from BorderLass

“One thing Koreans are really proud of is the four distinct seasons. Being from Texas, I’ve really grown to appreciate having more than just summer and not-summer! There are a lot of amazing places to see the fall colors in Korea, but I didn’t have to travel far to get this photo. This beautiful tree-lined lane is in Ulsan, the city I’ve been living in for the past year”
By Meagan LeAnne from Life Outside Of Texas

Germany is another country that we are blessed to have traveled during autumn.  This is the picture of Neuschwanstein Castle (rear view) near Füssen in the Bavarian region.  The palace can be seen in several movies and was the inspiration for Walt Disney in creating Sleepy Beauty Castle. 


Although it’s been a few years now, Switzerland was our first home away from home(India) where we started our married life together and it always holds a special place in both of our hearts! This picture was taken from a look-out tower in Uetliberg, a mountain closer to the Zurich city on a sunny autumn evening.
The autumn series comes to an end with this, and I would like to thank each and everyone who contributed towards this and the previous post.  Rest assured, I hope you all enjoyed the whirlwind virtual tour around the world during this season.  Thank you, and ciao! 

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  1. Awesome autumn! Love the pictures…they are a treat to the eyes. 🙂 (I'm sorry Anu, I couldn't respond to your message in time, would have loved to contribute, but got stuck with something.)

  2. The pics are very good, but I loved the castle in Germany. Beauty, is however, just a part of life. We need to get exposed to ugliness and beauty in equal measure in order for the beauty to retain their value, with us. Just my thoughts…

    Destination Infinity

    • True DI! Beauty is just everywhere, and we should open our eyes (inner eyes!) to see them! And exposure to both beauty and ugly/ good and bad is required. Else it is not a life at all!

  3. The first picture stole my heart. Beautiful pictures.

    My first time here so just a query. Could you not post your own pictures for the article? It'd have been great to see your own collection. 🙂

    Nisha – Le Monde-A Poetic Travail

    • Hi Nisha, Welcome here! Firstly, I have very limited Autumn collections in my pocket. Second, I wanted a variety of pictures from around the world for me and readers to see and enjoy how Autumn is actually seen in other countries. Hence this post. However, I've included my pictures too in both part-1 and Part-2. Hope you've enjoyed this tour.

  4. Very colorful world indeed!

  5. Those photos are absolutely stunning. I love autumn colors. Maybe next year I will be able to experience an "Indian summer" in the US, must be amazing with all those colors.

  6. Some great photos! Here are a few more for your collection:
    Frank (bbqboy)

  7. Gorgeous pictures. I got to see some Fall colour in the Pacific Northwest, this time (there's a post on it.) I never got to see this much colour in California.

  8. Aww love these photos! To be honest, I do miss fall and the beauty of it since there are no seasons here. And you got two from the PNW! feeling a tiny bit nostalgic for those crisp autumn days.

  9. Korea is definitely the most beautiful country in autumn. China goes second in my opinion. You should have seen how stunning the Buddhist temples look here in Dongguan, China!

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