Postcards from Monaco

For a very long time, I never knew that a country by the name of Monaco even existed.  All I knew until then was Monaco biscuits – no pun intended! Honestly!  But ever since I’ve known, I’ve always wanted to visit this tiny country.  Monaco is a state country ruled by monarchy ruled by Prince Albert II. Monaco shares the land border on all sides with France, and faces Mediterranean on the other. It’s measures only about 2 square kilometer, and has less than 35000 inhabitants.  

Playground for rich and royals – Recreation centre for famous – Land of grand-prix, casinos  & tax free citizens – I should admit that I was floored by this mini country. There’s grandeur and richness in all its buildings, hotel and casinos. It’s a great place for celebrity watching too! Most of the taxis were Mercedes.  Casino buildings were of baroque architecture.  The bay was full of modern yachts that looked like mansions.   

Here are some of the pictures that I took during the time I spent in Monaco.  

View of Monaco from the casino
Taken from the entrance of Monte Carlo Casino
Mirror Mirror!
The garden area that led to the casino (Jardin du Casino).  It was a beautiful place to do people watching, and to enjoy the hustle and bustle around the casino.  There were fountains around, and this beautiful mirror in front of the casino. 
Of bricks and buildings!
The apartments & buildings of Monaco
Port Hercule, Monaco

Casino MonteCarlo
Monte Carlo Casino at night, Monaco

The road on the left side is France, and the one on the right is Monaco. 

Monaco may be a land of rich and famous, but it’s definitely a budget destination. There’s plenty of things to see to keep yourself busy throughout a day.  The best way to explore Monaco is by foot.  Or you can take one of those tourist trains or Hop-on-Hop-off Azur Bus.  

Attractions in Monaco:
1. Monte Carlo Casino and Gardens
2. Prince’s Palace 
3. Japanese Gardens
4. Oceanographic Museum
5. Monaco Cathedral
6. Monaco ville

Best way to reach Monaco:
– Only 20 miles from Nice, the cheapest way to reach here from Nice is by bus that costs only 1 Euro. 
– Trains from Nice costs 3.60 Euros.
– Helicopter from Nice to Monaco takes 6-8 minutes and costs 100 Euros. A great way to see mini Monaco . Sure a grand entry!

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  1. I didn't know where this country was, or that the country was only 2 sq. KM! Is Monte Carlo the name of the city? The oval mirror sure looks gorgeous and so do the buildings. You could have taken the 100 Euro Helicopter ride, no? 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    • Yes DI. Monte Carlo is the name of the administrative area of Monaco…around where the casino is located. Actually the flight is from Nice airport to Monaco but I was coming here from the city, so din't had the chance to take it.

  2. I just love your clicks

  3. Interesting post about Monaco. And you've done full justice to its beuaty with your photography 🙂

  4. You are really lucky to be visiting such exotic places. Lovely pictures. Yes it is the land of the "Rich and Famous"

  5. Ah! Great place and I love that picture of MC-casino!

  6. Lovely… While I haven't been there, my parents have, and it's gorgeous.

  7. Love the first pic. Just 2 sq km, wow such a small city!

  8. Wow…how lovely to travel so much! Just how do you manage is beyond me 😀

  9. I like Monaco biscuits and I think I just fell in love with the country bearing the same name. First time I heard about the country but your pics does make it seem like an amazingly beautiful place.

  10. I love the angle from which you click 🙂 And I must say, the countryside does love experimenting with bright colours no? Awesome they all are 🙂

  11. A very enjoyable post on one of the loveliest locations in the world Anu! Thanks for taking us there:)

  12. Beautiful pictures, make me want to visit there..

  13. I have to go here. I know about this country but not that much in detail. Will show this post to my husband in the evening.

  14. Beautiful pictures of Monaco…
    As soon as you say Monaco, its the wedding of the Prince with Olympian Swimmer that comes to my mind… She looked so simple yet so gorgeous!!!
    Indian Fashion n Travel Blogger! – Bhusha's INDIA TRAVELOGUE

  15. I've been to Monaco twice and I really liked it. It's indeed the playground for the rich and famous but it is a unique experience walking around there. Great photos !

  16. It is a budget destination? Didn't know that. 🙂
    I'm so thankful to you for these little virtual tours to those parts of the world. Thoroughly enjoying it all, Anu.

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