Callander Town and Highland Cows

Not just famous for its Woolen products, Tartans and Scotch Whisky, Scotland boasts of dramatic coastlines, valleys and mountains that echoes the wild emptiness and cold weather. If God is the mother of Nature, Scotland is her child. It has abundant of  natural sightseeing that are dotted with “lochs” (lakes), “Ben” (mountains), “Glen” (narrow valleys),”Firth” (fjords or inlets) and vast sea that surrounds 3 sides of the land  with a land border shared with England . Highlands always remain the highlight of Scotland. They are both culturally and geographically distinguishable from the lowlands (cities) – which are usually populated than the highlands.  Travelling in Scotland is incomplete without hitting the highlands. 

Callander is a small town in the region of Stirling in Scotland situated on the River Teith. The town serves as the eastern gateway to the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, the first National Park in Scotland.  Due to its location it is often referred to as the “Gateway to the Highlands”.   So people stop by here for break whichever direction they enter the highlands.  Its a beautiful little town with nice traditional candy shops, ice-cream parlors, and some of the best Scottish woolen stores and souvenir shops.  Tourists often take a break here to enjoy this little village, taking a stroll along River, or feeding the ducks and birds.  

There’s a little highland farm near Callander in Kilmahog that is maintained by Trossachs Woolen Mill which is a must visit if you are around here.  It’s just 5 minutes drive from Callander Town centre. They raise a few highland cows there – Hamish the Highland Bull, Heather the highland cow, and Honey their baby calf (now it’s 2 years old I guess). 

That’s Honey,  lazing around in the farm and posing 

the biggest in the family, Hamish 🙂 

There is a souvenir shop, woollen mill and cafe attached to this farm. They also sell lettuce/potato/carrot in packets that can be fed for these cows. These cows are very fold of the food, and are quite popular among the tourists, particularly Hamish(above pic) which is very camera friendly! There’s always crowd to see these cuddly creatures. 
The highland cow breed is developed in the Scottish Highlands and Western Isles of Scotland.   Highland cattle or kyloe are a Scottish breed of cattle with long horns and long wavy hair that covers their eyes, which usually help them sustain harsh winters. Some of the highland cows were exported to other countries to be protected and bred in their zoo.  Scottish cow souvenirs (postcards, wall hangings, key chains, calender and soft toys) are also very famous, and can be seen in every souvenir shops. A lot of highland cows can be frequently seen in highlands.  Aren’t they cute and cuddly? 

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  1. Hmm Callandar and the hairy coo! I had been to this place and all my travel companions fed him apples!

  2. Please don't mind me saying it again and again but I envy you. Scotland is one place I want to stay for atleast a week. And of course highlands is a must in that visit.

  3. Such a beautiful place!! Such scenic beauty! And Honey is super cute! 🙂

  4. Ooooh! Such a beautiful place! Wish I could stay there for some time.
    Great pics.

  5. Now I know where the name loch ness monster came from. Scotland to me was a nation that produced the finest single malt whiskey and the finest James Bond. Now, I know some additional information 🙂

  6. Scotland is a place that I have been wanting to visit from very long time. Mainly for the Castles and now more reasons to love it – thanks to your posts 🙂

  7. It's so hot here. I wish I could escape to lovely Scotland now. 🙂

    Gosh, yes those cows are supercute.

    Catch you on fb. :)Will come back soon to see your older travel posts.

  8. Just visited these guys this weekend, though I didn't have time to really explore the town. Hopefully next time.

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