Eze – French Rivera’s best kept secret

Nestled between Nice and Monaco, Eze is a charming medieval village on the hilltop that overlooks Mediterranean Sea.  When I did my research on French Riviera before my travel, we decided that this is the place we wanted to spend our wedding anniversary.  It was just perfect. And romantic!  Eze is one of the most beautiful villages that I’ve ever seen, and it’s probably the best place I’ve spent my wedding anniversary so far.  We had been following the tradition of visiting a mountain or sea every year to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  And this being our 5th year, Eze made it even more special.

The bus journey from Nice to Eze was one of it’s kind.  As we moved away from Nice, we came closer to the mountains, and the bus crawled like a serpent around the hill, leaving us with magnificent view of mountains on one side and birds eye view of the sea on the other. The views simply took our breath away.  All we could hear was “ooh” and “aww” from rest of the passengers in the bus.  Everyone tried to capture the moment through their digital eyes!

View of Meditteranean Sea from Eze Village

View of the coast and mountain range from Eze’s Jardin d’Eze.  This is the scenic route to reach Eze. 

After some 25 minutes we reached Eze. A few shops, restaurants, little car park and quite surrounding reminded me that I am away from the hustle and bustle of a city.

Beauty of Village
View of Eze village from the hill.
There’s just one direction that everybody else took. So, we happily followed them.  We were walking uphill to go to our first destination Le Jardin d’Eze. A botanical garden located on a steep terrain about 400 meters above the sea level, the garden hosts exotic cactus and succulents that overlooks Mediterranean coastline.

We passed through narrow maze type lanes with few souvenir and painting shops in traditional stone houses.  Then came few restaurants. Then a beautiful church. And at last came the garden entrance.
The path for the garden was spiral and like a 3 tier cake. At each level the view of the vicinity, mountains, village, church and blue sea was – what can I say- beyond words to explain. Maybe my pictures might explain them better.

As you finish 3 levels you end up in a rocky terrace. The weather god was just awesome on that day of our anniversary. We took off our jackets, put our sunglasses, and just lay there in each other’s arms for sometime.  At that moment, nothing was so important for us. We let the silence rule us for brief moments, as we basked under the glory of sun.  You know how it will be to sleep with the sun rays falling on your eyes at 1.00 pm. People say its not the best sun-rays. But we din’t care just that day. After some rest and soulful sun-rays hard-hitting our skin, we had our left over snacks and juices, gave one last look at the sea, the mountains, the cactus, the people and surrounding houses. We mentally bid them goodbye, thanking them for the wonderful time, and started to walk down.

It must have been 17 or 18 degrees, but felt really hot like 28. May be because we were wearing cardigans and jeans. I wished I had taken my cotton pants and sunscreen lotion!

Lanes of Eze Village and restaurant overlooking coast on top of the hill

There were plenty of Cafes and Restaurants around this little place.  We raised a glass of champagne to celebrate our 5th year anniversary, S had a special customized pizza, I had my Penna Arrabiata and a warm apple cake topped with Vannila icecream.


 There are plenty of things to do in this little village.  I enjoyed looking at the souvenirs, art galleries and boutique shops around, then left to take the free guided tour at Fragonard Perfume factory. One can also visit the church, or Galimard soap factory as well.  We left the village behind at around 5.00pm to go back to our Hotel in Nice. The day that had gone, had been the best day so far, and very special too!

General Information: 

1) Eze is well connected from Nice and Monaco.  There are buses 100,112 and 82 that stop at Eze village itself (1 Euro one way).
2)  You can also take the coastal train, which stops at the coast, but it’s a bit of a trek from there to climb up the village.
3) Taxis are overrated, so it’s best to avoid them.
4) Some of the souvenir shops are also expensive, so always look out for few shops, compare the price and then buy.
5) There are plenty of restaurants that suit all kinds of budgets.
6) There is also car parking right near the tourist information center  but during summer it gets overcrowded it seems.
7) There are crazy number of poster ads inviting you for a 15 minute Ferrari drive. Very expensive and can be ignored.

Have you visited Eze?  What did you like the most in this quaint village?

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  1. ferrari drive sounds interesting….. lol…. should have tried…. : p

  2. Beautiful drive looks like. Loved the first pic the most. 15 min Ferrari drive? wow! I want to try that.

  3. Lovely cactus photos Anu, and that first picture is so fantastic!

  4. Talk about basking in SUN! I am not able to step outside because the Temp is 45 C or more!!! The humidity is killing us in the nights too… BTW, I see some people wearing jeans and walking even in this temp! 🙂

    The first photo is too good. Probably if there is a parachute or glider, we can just fly over that location and enjoy it even more 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    • Yeah…Chennai weather it is. I can understand! I've done that DI. Have worn Jeans and walked in the "afternoon sun" insanely all my life while in chennai. Have driven in ECR road in Scooty, sat in the Elliot's beach at 12.00pm with friends…during the peak April- May summer! Somehow I loved that weather 😀

    • Oops..din't finish..Yeah…a parachute or paragliding facility should be awesome there!

  5. That is so beautiful :-). Glad you had a lovely anniversary 🙂

  6. Gorgeous shots Anu.
    We stayed in Cagnes Sur Mer and visited these hill towns from there. Loved it too 🙂

  7. Eze sure looks to be a very promising destination ensconsed in French Rivera:) Wish I could visit the place one day as your post was enticing indeed, Anu:)

  8. Please adopt me, Anu. I promise I won't trouble to guys on trips. I'll just silently tag along. BTW, I am jealous too. Such a beautiful place which you made all the more beautiful with your narration and pictures. 🙂

  9. Looks like an amazing place from your pictures and lovely narration. The view from the route seems simply mind-blowing. Hope you had a great time!

  10. For once the cactus looked really nice and It made me want to touch and feel them 🙂

  11. Another charming destination!
    Looks like a great place for a 5th honeymoon. I'm sure you guys can make any place romantic, tho' 🙂
    Love that picture of the building overlooking a beach. Gorgeous!

    Happy anniversary once again. 🙂

  12. I love those French villages. I never heard of Eze before but it looks indeed gorgeous and yes I do want to drive a ferrari 🙂

  13. French villages are so charming. In fact, people should forget Paris and explore the unexplored in France. Lovely pictures as usual!

  14. Oooh Eze. I spent a glorious day in Eze a few years ago! Your wonderful post brought back memories!

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