LochGoilhead, a hidden gem in Western Scotland

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You want to treat yourself with a wilderness of beauty?  Western Scotland has all that you dream about an active holiday – a lovely coastline, dotted with isles and sandy beaches with a backdrop of beautiful mountain ranges.  While there’s plenty of stuff to do around there, I will take you to this small yet picturesque village called LochGoilhead through my pictures.

Lochgoilhead Scotland

Surrounded by a 3000 feet or something of Arrochar Alps, and a beautiful Lake Goil, the village stands on the head of the lake, and hence got this name.  This  lake is like a wing which branches out from Loch Long (another lake, a bit longer as it’s name suggests!) , and these two lakes form the shape of Y.

Misty Lochgoilhead Scotland


With about 400 people residing in this quaint village, there’s surprisingly plenty of holiday homes and estates around this lake.  So, it’s quite a popular tourist destination for people within UK, though outside tourists naturally tend to travel up and around Inverness and Isle of Skye.


Lochgoilhead Scotland


Lochgoilhead is an ideal location if someone wishes to explore Western Highlands and the coast.  With so many luxury lodges, static caravans, leisure centres, trekking routes, forests, water sports and castles dotted around these lakes, this is a wild beauty! A place not to be missed, and a perfect destination year round.  Whether you want to snuggle cozy and enjoy the mountain and loch views, or put on your welly boots and go hiking, this is an apt destination for anyone!


Glorious Loch Long in Western Highlands
An early morning click along the shores of Loch Long


Not over yet! This place is not just a wild beauty, but also a romantic paradise for couples, and a fairytale setting for wedding occasions. How about spending a night on the tree house along these shore?  Quite romantic isn’t it?  Watch out here!


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  1. Lovely place, beautiful pictures. Must visit these places. Have you been to Wales?
    I want to visit all these places sometime.

  2. The pictures are too good. They could have been displayed a little bigger, for maximum effect. What a place! 🙂

    Destination Infinity

  3. Beautiful pics. I so badly want to visit this village now 🙂

  4. One such place where I would love to spend time reading book near the lakes. Thanks for sharing with us. You're lucky that you travel to such pristine places.

  5. Wow. Wow. Wow. Just wow. Amazing place, amazing clicks. The first and the third pic was truly amazing. And I would so love to be at the place where the fourth pic, sunset was clicked. Too good. Thanks for sharing Anu 🙂

  6. The house in the tree looks fabulous and I love the early morning shot, Anu. 🙂

  7. Yeah, you are right. Inverness and Isle of Skye become the preference for international tourists. And same happened to me too! The guide suggested this place in case I wanted to stay after the tour. Lovely pictures.

    • Yeah Kusum. I've been to Isle of Skye for countless times, and I am bored. Coz, anyone who visits us have this fantasy to see Isle of Skye. But when I explored Western Highland, there's never turning back. I prefer them these days!

  8. So picturesque! You have captured it like a painting.


  9. I have been to Scotland – Just spent two days there but fell irresistibly in love with it. Beautiful beautiful pictures !

  10. Gosh! what a pretty place.
    Looks like a great place to nicely bundle up and go for a nice long walk (or maybe till you get all numb from the cold :)).

  11. Wow! Quite an amazing place. Very picturesque and perfectly captured through your lenses.

  12. No words to speak abt the palce n snaps sply 60 acer garden one,mountains,village wat not each of them are eyecandy

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