Pride of Dublin!

It is definitely the pride, not just for Dublin, but for the entire country – Guinness Beer. You see them in every bar around the country, why even any bar in the world.  So, if you are in Dublin, and have enough time, do check out this Guinness Storehouse. It’s rich, grand, and there’s loads of information about Guinness. 

Located at St.James Gate in Dublin, the place where the brewery was founded in 1759 by Arthur Guinness.  Back then, 64 acres was leased out to Mr.Guinness for £45 per year for 9000 years.  The original lease contract is displayed in the main hall.  

Although we are not allowed to enter the actual brewery, we can visit the museum which exhibits 250 years of history.  A 7 storey museum which is dedicated to different processes of making Guinness. It has information and story about history of Guinness family, the cultivation and production of Barley, ingredients used (Barley, Yeast, Hops, Water), equipment used in roasting and brewing brewing methods, advertising, and storing methods.  

As said in the above picture, the taste and color of this beer is the trademark of Arthur, which completely lies in their brewing.  And Guinness is lower in alcohol than rest of the beers because of the low yeast content. Display of bottles here are the different packaging used over 250 years in selling Guinness.
Final floor is the Gravity Bar where you can enjoy the 360 degree view of beautiful Dublin City and grab the complimentary 1 pint of Guinness beer.  The view is sure stunning; “So is the Guinness” says hubby holding the complementary pint.  For now, enjoy the view of the brewery and the Dublin city from Gravity Bar.


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  1. I've never understood why people give so much importance to alcohol (both as an entertainment and social status symbol), in Europe. In Germany, it seems, there is an Oktober fest where people drink different types of beer over a period of one month! My science lessons (invented by the Europeans, incidentally) taught me that alcohol is bad for health. I guess it's also got to do something with the cold climate out there.

    Destination Infinity

    • Trust me DI…Beers and Europe are so close words. We had been to Munich once over the Oktoberfest. People seemed to enjoy them so much. But I din't like that kind of fun!

  2. Great view of the city. Never been there. Hope I can visit this beautiful city.

  3. Great view! But, only thing I like about breweries is the ambience and art galleries.

  4. Must be a real interesting place, and the history goes well with it (unfortunately I am not a beer person so the taste is lost on me) 🙂

  5. Neither am I but this place sounds interesting and I wouldn't mind some for that view from Gravity Bar.

  6. WOW! 45 pounds per year for 9000 years, I am still calculating the windfall generations made because they had super intelligent grandfather. Looks like a place to visit. I'll tell my cousin to visit this place, he just moved to Dublin.

  7. nice photos… and info


  8. View of gravitiy bar was fabb

  9. This is so cool, and I love the photos 🙂

  10. A lovely read Anu and has refreshed my memories of the visit to Dublin and also the visit to Guinness brewrey:)

  11. Never been there but Gravity Bar sounds like an interesting place.

  12. Sounds interesting even though I dont like beer.

  13. simply beautifully captured shots….lovely place!

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