First Impressions of Ireland

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I am just back from my 8-day sojourn and I am immensely dumbfounded by the beauty of Ireland.  Thanks to Cecilia Ahern and a few Indian movies that made me look at Ireland as the next tourist destination.  The idea turned into a plan when the Irish Embassy had waived the visa entry for Indians who travel to or reside in UK.  Initially I was paranoid of travelling there during winter, because you know how the weather sucks in UK.  Plenty of google materials that I went through supported my decision and had some interesting “things to do” stuff.  And happily, we started our journey to this beautiful and mesmerizing country – Ireland, also known as Emerald Isle.

My First Impressions 
My first impression about this country is it’s gorgeous on all sides as you could imagine. They say it’s all green in Ireland, but to see and feel that green, you got to go to Ireland.  I experienced a lot, saw small colorful coastal towns, and everything is picture perfect beautiful – including its people, and the way they live.
Beautiful Nature!
Taken somewhere along the coast of southern Ireland
We travelled to Ireland to celebrate New Year, just post Christmas – and the celebrations and decorations were beautiful like any other European towns – thousands of bulbs and lights ornamented the main streets of the cities, towns, villages and why – every little houses.
The cities were full of bars flooded with locals and tourists,  the roads were lit up, shops and malls were filled with locals who were still hunting on the half price sale. The roads and motorways were clearly signposted that you couldn’t miss any tourist attraction or even a tiny town.

The country side is the most beautiful with it’s very own gorgeous green color.  And to talk about its coastal side – I need years to describe their beauty.  Ireland hugs the Irish sea on one side and the warm North Atlantic Ocean on the other side and the drive along any of these coastal routes would remain the best drive of your life.
Quaint little coastal town in south
Houses, shops and bars were tastefully painted with myriad colors.  Plenty of Nature (read Green!), lovely castles, beautiful houses, coastal routes and loads of bar is a package you get when you visit Ireland.

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  1. Wow!! Looks and sounds so very beautiful!

  2. Wow! What a gorgeous destination. I'm already loving it here on 'travelwithanu' 🙂
    The first picture in the post is simply lovely.

  3. Great way to start new year!

  4. Beautiful pics. I so want to visit Ireland now!

  5. Hey. Thanks for your comment . You have a lovely blog here. And yes, I real surprised by the Irish winter scene. Will try to do a trip soon.
    Be back here!

    • Thanks for Visiting my new blog Sneo. I was equally surprised by the trip. While I was expecting rain, fog and and more rain, all I saw was clear, crisp sunny days!

  6. It's always my dream to settle down somewhere in the countryside, someplace like this 😉

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