Are you a beach babe?

How about a beach holiday to escape this winter?
Imagine yourself in a sunny destination with clear azure water and
silky silver sands.  Isn’t that all one crave for – a perfect beach holiday! Much said
about it, I do yearn for such a holiday. 
But I am not sure if that will turn out to be a perfect holiday for me
or not.  Honestly, I am not a beach bum.  I cannot sit for hours sulking under the sun doing nothing.  Well, may be for a
day or two is okay, but definitely not beyond that.  Even while looking for a beach destination, I
would look for some activities like water rafting or scuba diving.   But I cannot sit around for a week doing
these stuffs.  I want to get into action,
doing some adventures like trekking, walking on the woods, looking around
mountains.  That’s my kind of
holiday.  A beach holiday while still I can use my sports shoe rather than just beach slippers. 

What kind of holiday do you

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  1. We usually plan our trip during the beginning of winter, and we like cold places more than warm places. Beach holiday can be fun only if you have something interesting to do as you have said.
    We have friends who come from Germany to India, only to land up in Goa before the new year and stay there till April, doing nothing but laze or walk in hot sun trying to get a tan, eat and drink. Every year they have been doing the same thing, for the last 14 years.
    Probably, because Germany is so cold and bleak, they like Goa so much.

  2. Anu, I had left a comment earlier, not sure why didn't it appear!? Well, I just wanted to say … in my opinion water-sports, especially in the ocean water, are very tiring. Even just swimming makes me tired. Half-a-day of sports and then lazying around is the best thing for me.

    • Oh..not sure, why the comment din't appear. Will check through if there's any problem with comment setting. Yeah..just lazing around in swimming pool makes me feel tired!

  3. I am dreaminggg for such a holiday destination..Anyways ur post has added some cheers to my chilly eve 🙂

  4. A beach holiday with all these water sports. I just love them 🙂

  5. Where I can explore. I can't sit and relax, for me vacation is all about exploring a different city.

  6. Culture. History. Lots of museum visits!

    • So much I love culture and history, but I don't do lot of museum visits. The thing is, I had to strike a deal with my husband who doesn't like visiting museums 🙂

  7. I am a total beach bum. I would rather laze in the sun and Sand and then watch the sun go down, than anything better 🙂

  8. I am fine with beaches as long as they are marina or besant nagar 🙂 There also I like the wind and the view, I don't go into the waters. You know what, I don't like traveling. If I can be transported to tourist places without having to travel, I would love it! 🙂

    Destination Infinity

  9. Thank you for visiting my blog. I like to visit new places, experience the richness of other cultures and squeeze some much needed lazy time in my holidays. I thought I was a total beach bum but after spending 9 days in Mangalore, visiting all the local beaches, I changed my mind.

  10. I am a lonely kind of a holiday person…meaning i like off the beaten track places where I can find very less number of people!!!!…..

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