A New Beginning

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In this New Year, I decided to
start this new blog (after a lot of ifs and buts) exclusively to write about my
travel experience – So welcome to this space!   We all love to travel, to
see new places, meet people and understand their culture and traditions – So do
I, but just with a little difference.  I
have this urge to travel every now and then, very often.   

So yes, I travel frequently to popular,
unpopular and unexplored places.  I feel irresistible
to see the places which have abundant natural beauty – like mountains, lakes,
meadows etc.  I am equally interested in
seeing places with ancient history, myths, cultural and religious beliefs where
I can interact with people; I appreciate man made wonders and amazing architectures
that were built over centuries. And last to say, I love doing nothing and
sitting on a silver sandy beach with a favourite book on my hand and my lovely
husband on my side.   I have travelled to
popular cities, seen some wonders of the world, been to various UNESCO sites,
got spoilt under the sun in some infamous beaches, all of which I haven’t shared or recorded properly.  

By this blog, I want to share
with you about all my experiences during travel, cultural differences, culinary
delights, talk about the local people, and share with you in abundance what I
see through my lens.

So wish me loads of good
luck.  Wishing you all a fantabulous new
year ahead.

A new beginning

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  1. All the best and that is such a beautiful pic..


  2. It's a good idea to have a niche blog focused on a particular subject. You could have also done the same thing in Life Is Beautiful, no? It already has a lot of your travel posts and from now on, you can exclusively write about travel. But maybe you want to retain it as a personal blog and write about all topics. I can understand that. All the best for this new blog.

    Destination Infinity

    • I had the same dilemma DI…whether to continue in the same blog or to have seperate one. Eventually opted for a seperate…because personal is personal. I write junk stuff in that 🙂

  3. Anu, all the very best. I'm going to travel with you. ;)I look forward to hearing all your travel tales.
    Here's to the new year and new blog. All the best once again. 🙂

  4. This is a great step you took in the new year. You travel to less-travelled places. All the more reason to write! Good luck!

    • While I have enjoyed seeing the "famous monuments and top tourist attractins", I admit, I love to take the road less traveled, and explore the unexplored ones. Thanks travelrage.

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